Thursday, December 26, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree

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We took our girls out looking at Christmas trees this year, but did not buy one, because we knew we would be gone most of December to Idaho. Chloe found the one she wanted, and popped down to stake her claim.. So I did what I do, and took a few shots of her little self..
 photo D71_4497-web_zps9e7bdab2.jpg
She loves her fuzzi boots, well she loves any boots. This is a boot girl here.
 photo D71_4493-web_zps58bc3e42.jpg
Only her Daddy can make her really smile natural. She usually likes to do a "Cheeeeeese" face, but since Adam was there we got quite a few natural laughs.
 photo D71_4487_zps676209d1.jpg
I got Chloe this vintage coat from a consignment shop a while back, and I love it. If you haven't noticed I have a thing with certain eras and vintage things.
 photo D71_4486-web_zps853bb73c.jpg
Adam's family grew up watching musicals. I think they have seen every musical out there, both in movie form, and in theater. I had never even seen a real show that I can think of (besides the nutcracker) before Adam and I started dating, but then he started taking me to a few shows on Broadway every time we went to New York, and I am starting to like them..
 photo D71_4481-web_zps478fcfaa.jpg
This week I saw Annie, and I loved it. Yep that's right I have never seen Annie before. I Love the clothes the little girls wore in the late 30's. The short dresses with collars, with mary janes, and lace socks. So cute!
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 photo D71_4419_zps2c57ed31.jpg
 photo D71_4421-fb_zpsfafd484b.jpg

Oh and I sat little Miss Baby Jane by Chloe for a split second to grab a shot of her by her sister's tree..
 photo D71_4449-web_zps3887873d.jpg
She decided to eat the tree..
 photo D71_4455-web_zpsb0d83dde.jpg

 photo D71_4528-web_zpsdcc211b9.jpg

 photo D71_4537-web_zpsb214f284.jpg

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"Papa" Baird

I feel very lucky that my girls have family that love them. I mean truly love them. I took a few snaps of Papa holding his girls this Christmas, and I'm sure they will forever cherish them. Their Papa thinks the world of them. I love how you can see in his face how much he likes my girls..

 photo 1D71_5240web_zps2eec6b70.jpg
Proud Papa Baird.
 photo 1D71_5232web_zps2d393a99.jpg
We had a scare last year with Mike (papa Baird) and we weren't sure if he was going to make it.
Mike is the most wonderful husband, father, and grandpa. I believe this is why Adam is the wonderful man he is. He has been a great example to everyone.
 photo 1D71_5222web_zps92d4c982.jpg
Even though I cut off Chloe a little, I still love this shot. They are showing each other their dimples. 
 photo 1D71_5216web_zpsd016cf9f.jpg

 photo 1D71_5189-crophsweb_zps1251fa6c.jpg

 photo 1D71_5175web_zpscb72ffc7.jpg
Piper is the most curious baby. She will study faces, and touch anyone who will let her.
 photo 1D71_5167web_zpsd6278366.jpg
I sat Piper down in front of the christmas tree, and she played for a bit while I captured a few cute shots of her before nap time.
 photo 1D71_5142-web_zps9cdda7cf.jpg 
 photo 1D71_5154-web_zps182de2dc.jpg

 photo 1D71_5135-web_zpsa970112b.jpg
I think this one is my favorite. Piper is the happiest baby!
 photo 1D71_5128-web_zpse9a90b50.jpg

 photo 1D71_5124-web_zps0c676e35.jpg
One on one photographs are so easy, but if I want to get more than one person in the shot it gets a lot harder.. Especially to get the girls both looking at the same time... this may never happen.
 photo 1D71_5088-web_zps4ed73dc0.jpg
Okay and here's a shot of reality for ya.. This is what I get in my shots most of the time.. What is it about this dog!? She has always loved to photobomb! She is in soooo many shots through out the years.
 photo 1D71_5098-web_zpsd7ec9abb.jpg
My three girls :)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Piper Jane month 6

 photo 1D71_2694-_zpsc8d759ff.jpg
  • You say "Mama" anytime you're fussy and want to be held.
  • You wave the cutest wave I have ever seen.
  • You eat all sorts of food. You love vegetables
  • You wake up once or twice through the night, cry a bit, and then go back to sleep

 photo 1D71_2678-_zps0f460a6b.jpg
  • You go to bed between 630-7,wake up at 10pm to eat and once between 4-5am then you are up for the day at 645am
  • You are a Happy morning person
  • You are the most aware baby I have ever seen.

 photo 1D71_2691-_zpsef855a8a.jpg
  • You love your paci
  • We still swaddle you.
  • You weigh 14.5 lbs
  • You grab at everything, and it goes straight into your mouth
 photo D71_2718-_zpsdebb4073.jpg
  • You hate to play by yourself, and are the happiest when held.
  • You do okay with tummy time, but you don't last long
  • You drool a lot, but not as much as your sister did.
  • You love Ginger
  • You bite, and prefer the bottle to nursing
  • You nurse for no longer than 3 minutes.
  • You are incredibly ticklish 

 photo 1D71_2709-_zpsca0700f9.jpg

You are getting so big! We love you so much!

Friday, December 13, 2013

The anatomy of a tear..

 photo DSC_0176-_zps781c802b.jpg
See the sand in her hair from playing? haha.
You are about to view raw emotion caught by me in picture form.. 
the anatomy of a three year old's breakdown.
 photo DSC_0169-_zpsd0eb86d6.jpg
First- sad puppy eyes looking to mom for comfort, and understanding..
 photo DSC_0167-_zps746ac5bd.jpg
Then when she gets attention and confirmation that she has indeed been wronged.. in flows the tears, and whaling..
 photo DSC_0165-_zpsc2f57c7a.jpg
Is it wrong that I love the welling up of tears in her eyes? Real emotion in outward form.
 photo DSC_0163-_zps69c4ca37.jpg
The calm down..
 photo DSC_0161-_zpsb987a1ad.jpg
Sweet sad girl :( A few hugs and wiping away of the tears..
 photo DSC_0127-_zpsfb3db1e5.jpg

 photo DSC_0121-_zps39f1e257.jpg

 photo DSC_0125-_zpsbb3ba464.jpg

And just a minute later she is okay, and back to playing in the sand.
Ah the rollercoaster of raising sensitive girls!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Little bird

 photo D71_2398-threesidebyside_zps406b1712.jpg

I came across these pictures of Piper while I was putting pictures on our external hard drive.
I realize that these pictures are not centered, but I liked them all and had to post.
 Taking photos of them makes me happy. My heart feels full knowing that I'm documenting their life, who they are right now. I hope they will always allow me to do that.
That's all... Just a quick pic.