Sunday, January 31, 2010

She likes to cross her little ankles. Our Little lady ( sorry they are pictures of pictures.. not great quallity)

Chloe's photo shoot

20 weeks has come so fast! I can't believe I am 1/2 way done! ha. I am so excited to see my little girl. I had a little panic moment after I had spent so much time analizing her little face. I was trying to see if she looked like me or adam. I thougt her lip and nose were pretty close together in her pics and it looked like her top lip was swollen. So I went online to google images and typed in 20 week ultrasounds to see what other peoples babies look like at 20 weeks and I found that through the ultrasound all of the babies prety much had the same sweet lip. Phew.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chloe's Dr. appoimntment

I went in for my doctors appointment today and the nurse practitioner asked if I wanted to take a peek and see how the baby has grown in the past few weeks . I was so excited that she had offered! I said YES of course!!! She asked if I knew the sex yet and I told her that I was told 80% that she is a girl. She tried to look to see if she could tell and Chloe kept crossing her ankles. WHAT A LADY!  Chloe was being a little gymnist. She would stretch her legs out straight and then throw them back up over her head! I feel her kick all of the time and it's cool to see what she is up to and what I am feeling all of the time!! She is a very active baby!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Baby Chloe

This is little Chloe @ 19 weeks along. She is moving around and kicking a ton!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Adam and I went to southern California this three day weekend. We got to see some of our good friends and went to Disney land and California Adventure on MLK day. didn't ride the roller coasters, just the kid rides. It poured all day! but we still had fun.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Baby Lulu

Baby Lulu's (Chloe's) first picture!!! taken at 8 weeks old. We saw her little heartbeat flutter @ 150 beats a minute (the old wives tale says 140 or over Girl and under 140 BOY) We are SO excited!!! She looks like a gummy bear!
Ah here we go!!! see my little tiny bump?This picture was taken pretty early and you can't really tell yet.
This is Lulu's 2nd picture taken at 12 weeks old. When I saw her up on the Ultrasound screen I asked "why doesn't she have a neck? Is she okay?" They said she is still forming and wont get her neck for a couple more weeks. Phew!! They checked her fluid between her head and neck for Down syndrome and made sure she had all 10 fingers and toes (She did)!! I got the blood work and results a couple of weeks later and they said everything looks normal.
I love this picture of her. Adam says she is his sketetor baby here. You can really see her perfectly round head and button nose. Her back is facing us but her head is turned to look at her mommy.

Christmas 2009

Ginger as a little reindeer. Over Christmas week we had our friends from church dog sit while we went to Idaho for Christmas. She had a blast with them and she got a few Christmas presents too. This is one of her gifts that she came back with. It's reindeer antlers that light up and strap on her head. She hates to have clothes or props put on her, but we make her.. at least for a cute shot!
Adam and I got a lot of great Christmas gifts this year. Mike and Patsy (Adam's parents) got us a Wii and we are very excited!
Adam did such a GREAT job this year with gifts for me... Yes he had a little help ( I made him a wish list earlier on in the year ) These are my "Dough Makers" pans and cookie sheets I had on the list. I LOVE them they make everything come out perfect!!