Monday, July 15, 2013

You Are My Sunshine

DSC_3038- heartland
This weekend we took the girls to the sunflower fields. Chloe has always been a fan of sunflower seeds so we thought she would like to see the flowers. She loved them. We got some adorable candid shots of her exploring the field.
The day wouldn't be complete without picking a few for the ride home.. Sorry sunflower farmers! 
She loves to smell flowers, but sunflowers aren't all that yummy and floral smelling. She found that out quickly.

This chair just happened to be on the side of the road...

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Baby Piper Jane

Oh little Piper Jane how you have changed our lives forever. You are a beautiful sweet little thing. Petite as can be. I am so happy we captured such great shots of you. Daddy was a huge help in taking these newborn shots. I would even say he was the mastermind with all of the best ideas for your shoot. He has such an eye for these things.
These pictures were taken in your first week. You are now 6 weeks old, weighing 9 lbs 21.5 inches long! You are getting the old man bald ring just like your older sister did. I am going to be so sad to have to "blend" that in and cut any of your strawberry colored hair off. I worry it is going to grow back blonde. Although you will be pretty either way, I just am so excited about your pretty color.
Initially you looked very similar to your sister, but now I can't see it. You have your own look and I have no idea if you look like me or daddy.
I can't wait to capture your sweet adorable smile on camera. For now you give them out only on occasion. 
You love to be held, and you are very strong for a newborn. Always trying to hold your head up, and great with tummy time. You started rolling over at 2.5 weeks, but only from your tummy to your back.
You are a good sleeper at night. You usually fall asleep for the night around ten, and only wake up 2 sometimes 3 times in the night. Morning hours (from 4-7) are restless for you and you are too tired to be awake, and too awake to be asleep. You have given me a couple of 6 hour stretches, but rare. You have a hard time transferring into your bed during the day, because you prefer to be held.
We started you on acid reflux medicine trying to help you feel better around 5 weeks and you are doing so much better. Week 2-5 was heartbreaking. Now we all feel so much better.
 photo DSC_2020-_zpsec3d2af8.jpg
Your sister Chloe has done really well with you. We all thought she wouldn't, but she has. She loves to rub your head and say "hi baby diaper" in a sweet whisper voice.
You love your paci.
You spit up a lot.
You love looking at fans and moving objects.
You prefer to be cuddled in the cradle position.
You hide your face in my arms when you are tired.
You have blue eyes.
You prefer your legs straight out.