Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Piper Jane Month 12

This month you have grown more than the last four months combined!! You amaze me. I love love Love your personality!!! You are amazingly smart, responsive, alert, aware, funny, and so so sweet. I am literally in awe of you all of the time. I could never ever ask for a sweeter baby.
  • You can now say bye-bye
  • night-night
  • chicken
  • bottle
  • dog
  • caca
  • bum bum
  • Ginger (in syllables)
  • Chloe (kinda)
  • mama
  • dada
  • dah-die (daddy) I like to think it sounds like the queen's english.
  • Mama said faster than regular mama (grandma)
 photo 1smash_zpse8bc4359.jpg

 photo 1smashcakeP_zps2dce7c0d.jpg

 photo 1May2014033-_1_zpsb70f0bfa.jpg Your signing has taken off! Just like Chloe you pick up signing well. You now sign the following-
  • Bath
  • more
  • food
  • please
  • milk
  • baby
  • all done

 photo 1May2014116-_zps9db61bdc.jpg

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 photo Pipcollage_zps208ab556.jpg  photo 1May2014088-_1_zps89e25f25.jpg  photo PicMonkeyCollagepip_zps53e58fc9.jpg  photo 1May2014025-_1_zps51f775c8.jpg
You walk holding onto things. You can stand alone, and will take one step all by yourself from time to time. (update- you took your first real steps at church yesterday June 15th) You love to point at what you want. You want everything that Chloe has esp food/gum etc. You will point at your chest, then at someone else to let them know "you" want "them".
Honestly I couldn't be more in love or proud of you. I want a million of you!!!