Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baby "Ister"

The other day I asked Chloe to help me figure out baby sister's name. I thought I would give her our four choices and see which one she picked.. I guess I should have started with another name, because I could go no further in asking because the girl had me wiping tears from the corners of my eyes because of laughter.
Me- Chloe, is baby sisters name Piper?
she then looks at my belly rubs it with her palm and says..
Chloe- Baby diaper!
She got a kick out of my laughter and now calls the baby Diaper all of the time. 

The only thing I can really see clearly from all of the pictures are her little lips. I think she may have a mouth like her cousin Tyler.
Her little face is more heart shaped than her older sisters. Chloe has started lifting up her shirt for strangers sticking out her belly and saying "Ook Bebe Ister!"
This next picture is an ultrasound of new baby 20 wks (big picture) and Chloe at 27 weeks (small picture)..
The 3D ultrasound I got with Chloe was much better detailed than these ones of new baby. The ones I got with Chloe were elective and these ones with new baby were at her 20 wk ultrasound so they weren't trying to get a great picture of her. 

Does she look like a Daisy?
A Piper?

Thursday, January 10, 2013


My nesting has manifested in the form of sewing and crafting, in addition to baseboard scrubbing and organizing baby-clothes . I have several crafts I'm in the middle of. All little girl baby related. I can't stop. I keep on going on Pinterest looking for more ideas that I want to try! My nights/nap times are not complete without a cleaning job, or a baby project to do. Here is a list of the things I want make in the next 4 months...
  1. car seat canopy (another one so I have options)
  2. new hair clips.. yes more!
  3. new bibs
  4. new burp cloths
  5. quilt
  6. window valances
  7. crib ruffle
  8. diaper bag
  9. Matching pillow case dresses for the girls
  10. wipe case (2 done)
  11. Diaper pouch (done)
  12. necklaces/bracelets
  13. car bag (for toys and paci)
  14. new hooter hider 
Here is the Car seat Canopy I made for her. It's reversible, but I haven't put straps on the yellow side yet.

I added a little Paci pocket (can you tell I hope she is a paci girl like her older sister is was.)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


We took Chloe to Tilden Park to ride the steam train last week.
She had the time of her life! Although you can't tell in this picture..
She had been waiting so long for all of the passengers to get on, and was
more than ready for the train to go.
When it took off she kept waving to all of the people standing on the platform.
She was thrilled when the steam came out of the train. She kept yelling "toot toot!"
It must have been the coldest day of the year. The cold wind from the ride was bitter, but Chloe didn't mind she was too excited...
Until we went through the tunnel. She didn't say a word but as you can tell on her face it scared her a little.
She was brave but wasn't big on tunnels.
Such relief when she came through.
After the ride we went back and played in the caboose. 

They had a petting farm with cows, pigs, chicken, sheep, goats...
The chickens were just walking around. So Chloe got the idea she needed to catch one..

The chicken was not a fan of her. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Made it half way!!! Sweet little girl is moving and I feel her often. I started feeling little 
movements at 16 weeks and real kicks at 17 weeks. She is less active than Chloe was at this point. She sleeps most of the time and tends to wake after 8 at night to wiggle and kick.
I have been so frustrated thinking about what this little girl's name is!
She needs a name.. Now! I want to stop calling her baby girl. I have been 
looking over an old list I had from when I found out I was pregnant with Chloe..
              Here are the names on that list. In no certain order.
 My top names are not Adam's favorite Marked with a * 
               and Adam's top names are not mine. Marked with a - 
Nothing is standing out to me. I never had this problem with Chloe!

  •  Emma*   "Emmie" 
  •  Lucy  
  • Amelia-  "Millie"
  • Sophie*
  • Daisy *-
  • Piper *-
  • Ivy* 
  • Hazel
  • Penelope
  • Madeline* 
  • Jane (middle name?)
  • Lulu - (middle name)
  • Kate (middle name)
  • Alice-
  • Ellie/ Elle

I don't want to be sitting in the hospital staring at her still trying to figure out what her name is!