Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Penelope's feeding routine

Penelope is on a blenderized diet. She is on a 1,000+ calorie diet. She takes a 4 ounce breast milk pump feed at 7am. We pump it in slowly, becasue if not then it all comes up :/ It takes a little over an hour to feed her 4oz. then at 10am she takes a bolus feed of about 2oz. which is a wider tube that we put directly into her stomach and fill with baby food/ blenderized meals and we slowly let gravity drain the food diretly into her tummy. At 1pm she naps with Piper and we pump feed her another 4 ounces of bm/or whole milk and cream mixture taking over an hour. at 4pm she takes another bolus snack, and when she goes down at 720 She feeds all night long on a slow rate and takes in about 15ounces through the night.

 photo 317_zpsejnbb4pi.jpg
 photo 319_zpspsn92yf9.jpg
 This is our routine every. single. day. We also obviously give her table food all day, and put her in the highchair every meal we eat. She does put some food into her mouth, but usually she either saves it in her cheek, or in the roof of her mouth, or chews it and spits it out. 
 photo 321_zps9gjyuyyo.jpg 
I make her "meals" in large batches as you can see, and freeze them. I pop one out every few days to thaw and leave in the fridge and alternate between a vegetable and meat blend, and a fruit blend. Luckily Penelope doesn't protest her veggies, becasue she doesn't taste them. We put loads of kale, spinach, you name it into her "meals' and the taste doesn't matter. She is likely the healthiest eater in our house! 
 photo 322_zpszioudfzf.jpg
Becasue P doesn't gain weight easily we add coconut oil, nut butters, avacado oil etc into all of her meals to try to help her keep weight on.We also have been told by her nutritionist to add cream to her whole milk. She is 13 months, and weighs 15lbs 2oz. So we really push the fat content. This video below is of me switching out her old Gtube for a new one..