Thursday, September 19, 2013


The first day of preschool
My little girl was ready.. Me? Well it's been a big week for me..
 photo DSC_4554-_zpsee084297.jpg
Chloe was Soooooo excited!!
 photo DSC_4449_zpsfe58082c.jpg
I got to tag along.. which I loved!!
She walked in like she owned the place. No hesitations what-so-ever!
 photo DSC_4509_zps2e1b75f2.jpg
She found her cubby, and was so excited hers was the one with the sun!
 photo DSC_4506_zpsf027801d.jpg
She met her teachers, and kept running to them to ask
if she could play more "games".
Her teachers loved her.
 photo DSC_4468_zpsce24add0.jpg
She was so happy, she ran from activity to activity playing.
She didn't even notice that there were other kids around!
 photo DSC_4487_zps37917131.jpg
What took me by surprise was the amount of physical effort now required of me.
 Instead of leisurely mornings playing and eating together,No more throwing my hair up and getting my gym clothes on (with no shower) and heading to the Y unpresentable, now I have to get my daughter dressed, fed, cleaned up and in the car, while I’m nursing and dressing a baby who is used to taking her first nap by that time. Then I  get both of them out of the car and to the classroom, say goodbye, bring the baby back to the car, load her up, and get her down for her nap once we're home. Then we do it all again two and a half hours later. 
 photo DSC_4507_zps4e1ea6a0.jpg 
 photo DSC_4494_zps7369b148.jpg
On our drive home Chloe declares "Mommy next time I can do it by myself"
My little is getting so big!
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Monday, September 16, 2013

Donut holes

What better way to ring in the new school year that donut holes? 
 photo DSC_4566_zps1219e43a.jpg
Found a recipe and made them.. They are soooo good.
 Close to krispy Kreme.
 photo DSC_4576_zps3a60fde2.jpg
This lil' chick was a fan!
 photo DSC_4572_zps2c8c53e0.jpg  photo DSC_4585_zps93916e6b.jpg
Got milk?
 photo DSC_4593_zps23bcb56f.jpg
Oh and I'd like to introduce you to my newest love..
my green jadeite milk glass cake plates. LOVE 
 photo DSC_4573_zps914bbb72.jpg

Monday, September 9, 2013

Piper Jane month 3

 photo DSC_4220_zps84013a5f.jpg
I am in need of documenting baby Piper's little life for my records, so I won't forget..
because lets be honest, I can't remember what went on last week!
 photo DSC_4191-2_zpse87ad635.jpg
  • You still like to keep your legs straight out
  • You love your momma
  • You say "Gee" when you are fussy or getting mad
  • You are a short nurser I'm lucky if I get you to eat for 5 min
  • You are impatient when your food isn't coming as quick as you would like.
  • You are sensitive. Very sensitive
  • You like it quiet when you are eating.
  • You started giggling last week.

 photo DSC_4212-2_zps2ca53f8f.jpg
  • You love your hands and stick them in your mouth all of the time.
  • You got your ears pierced a week ago
  • You wake up about every three hours at night.
  • You love to be held ALL of the time.
  • You are the BEST cuddler.
  • You love people around, and are very social.
  • You just started grabbing your paci out of your mouth, and turning it over and chewing it.

 photo DSC_4186_zps3cbd8d38.jpg
  • You go from fussing to screaming in less than a minute.
  • You are very aware of things going on around you.
  • You are not a fan of tummy time.
  • You drink from a bottle no problem.
  • You started grabbing things and batting at your toys a month ago.
  • You love your sling, and Ergo carrier (you love to be close)
  • You can roll from your back to your side as of yesterday.

 photo DSC_4175_zpscaf9cc2b.jpg
  • You "sing/hum" yourself to sleep when you are tired.
  • You are incredibly ticklish. 
  • You are a petite little thing fitting into size 0-3 and some nb
  • You are just now starting to chub up.
  • You found your voice and you "sing" like the baby in Aaliyah's song "Are you that somebody?"
  • You love kisses.

 photo DSC_4171-2_zpsf2eb1d9e.jpg
I can't count the number of times people stop me and freak out because they thought you were a doll, and then realize that no, infact you are a real baby. I kept thinking it was a fluke, but
it happens at least twice a day!
I love you,
 my sweet baby doll.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Yellow Jelly bean

 photo DSC_4277_zps92c17155.jpg
Sometimes I dream of living out in the country and raising babies.. I guess I crave the simple life.
Letting my kids play without worrying about them getting kidnapped, run over yadda yadda.
Truth is? I'm a suburb kinda girl. 
I can't handle the wild outdoors.. One word- snakes. That's enough to send me back to reality.
But when you're three, things like that don't ever cross your mind.
When you're three, things are simple.
 I envy three.
 photo DSC_4280_zpsaa8ccd27.jpg
These pictures evoke emotion in me.
Seeing the wonder in her eyes. Seeing the world as new and exciting.
I long for the days of three. 
Hope of what you will grow up to be, instead of the now of what you became.
 photo DSC_4289_zps071deef4.jpg
Remember getting bored as a kid?
I can hardly remember what that feels like anymore, to be bored.
 photo DSC_4281_zps98de2ca6.jpg
I envy the time she spends lounging and watching a movie, or playing make believe.
 photo DSC_4282_zpsc76872ca.jpg
I want to look back and remember good times.
These pictures will help me to capture the essence of her before time takes this her away.
I can barely remember the five month old Chloe, but when I 
see the snippets of memories I captured  I can remember her then.
 photo DSC_4256_zps1419d6b6.jpg
The absurdity of parenting small children in general is crazy hard at times.
These moments help me laugh before I give up and cry. And then, when I DO cry, they help me feel less of a failure and much more like I was NORMAL but could also maybe, just maybe be GOOD sometimes, too.  
 photo DSC_4253_zpsb598249d.jpg
When I see these, I see Happy.
 I like to think she is.
I like to think she doesn't get phased by the mistakes I make raising her.
I hope that's the case. 
 photo DSC_4252_zpsf168da13.jpg

 photo DSC_4245_zpsad6236d5.jpg
It's not pretty, a lot of the time. 
But when it IS pretty, it is BREATHTAKING.
That is what I want to remember. The breathtaking. The sweet. The HAPPY.
 photo DSC_4243_zpsb294e86b.jpg
Three has been pretty good to us. There is so much that has changed since three has come.
She has adapted.
So much more that I thought she could.
The end of toddlerhood is at hand, and I can't believe we are on the cusp of little girl.
Pre-school starts in two weeks.
Ballet begins.
 photo DSC_4242_zpsf7c63da5.jpg
I remember my mother used to call me her "yellow jelly bean"
She said I brighten her life.
These silly little things are the things that stuck with me,
 and I hope that my girls can remember the same kind of things.
 photo DSC_4236_zpsa05dfb0e.jpg
My dear sweet girl you are MY little yellow jelly bean..