Friday, September 23, 2011

Summer Projects

I found these Adirondack chairs at a garage sale and paid 7 dollars for both. I sanded them and Adam painted them. We wanted something besides the camp chairs we have to sit outside and watch Chloe play in the pool. Here is the before and after pics together.

I also found this raw wood coffee table that opens on top for storage.. and believe me we could use the extra storage space. Our house is getting smaller and smaller I swear! So adam sanded and stained them to match and bought giant clavos to add to the piece. Kinda like the ones on the raw tables at restoration Hardware.  So we sold all of our Ikea furniture in our living room and moved them on in. They are very masculine peices, and not exactly my style, but Adam loves them and is happy with them, so we will keep them for now..

I don't have a before of the entertainment center but it was the same color the coffee table was.

I aso painted this sewing table in a cream color and distressed it a little. I like the way it came out. I have been needing a table for my sewing machine and I like the little details of this piece.


We got rid of our Scandinavian designs night stands and I bought these pretty babes. I have a thing with blues right now (tiffany blue, grey blue.. I just love it) So I painted it and distressed it and now they look like..


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yeast Rolls

 I love the yummy sweet yeasty rolls that they make at golden corral. So I looked on the internet and found this recipe for the rolls not exactly the same but it hit the spot. If anyone has a good recipe for rolls let me know!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

14 months

Since I started blogging I don't write in your baby journal as much, so I really should keep my update posts up so I have things documented.. I'll do better.. 
These pictures were taken within a couple of seconds of eachother.. you keep me busy!
I just can't believe how you've grown little lady. These days you are all over the place. You had only two teeth for six months and now you poped out four new ones! You are quick and very curious these days. You love to draw, read with daddy. you recently learned to drink from a straw, and give kisses.  
 Your hair just started growing.. finally!
 You LOVE the phone and always want it when i am on a call. You put it up to your little ear and wait to hear something.
 You are on a sweet kick lately and won't eat anything that is green. That won't work for me, so I will find ways my dear...

You are getting sooo big, but you are still not walking. Soon I believe. Dont rush take your time.. Please? I love you VERY much and enjoy you so. Xoxo