Thursday, November 29, 2012

Think Pink

I know this seems ridiculous, but I am so thrilled that Chloe is out of her "no bow/headband phase" for months and months she would throw a fit and tear her Headbands/bows out of her hair. Now she asks for them! Yay :) She will climb up her dresser to where her bows are and stick two or three in her hair and say "Pitty!" 

So what do I do now?? Of course I start up my bow making.. once again. (Rolling my if I she needs any more) Although to my defense she does take them out while in her car seat and play with them (aka rip them, or pull off the pearl centers etc) So I need to make more :)

Again to my defense I enjoy making them, and they are so cute to add to shower gifts... That is if you are celebrating the coming of a little girl.

I think I will start doing some bow parties again. They will come in handy for another little someone sometime soon. I can't believe I am going to have two little girls!... 2!!!! I was so excited I got started on making her a quilt and I made her a pink cake in celebration of having another little girl join our family.

Can you tell how excited we are???

This little girl seems so different than her older sister already.
Every time I got an ultrasound with miss Chloe she was doing flips.
This little girl is always just chilling or sleeping 
Doesn't she look so happy and peaceful? I just love her! 
I admit I was a little surprised that she was a girl, I thought she was a he.
I had hoped she was a girl all along.
I keep feeling so blessed to get to have her sweet little spirit in our family.
Now if we could only decide on a name for her...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I jump into bed and wait for Adam, who is still flossing in the bathroom. So I shout out

"Babe will you grab the humidifier out of Chloë's room and add a few drops
of eucalyptus? Every time I lay down I start coughing and I don't want to
keep you up tonight."

Adam- "Yup... Did you know that you snored last night?"

Me- Yes!! (still shouting) My nose was completely blocked!

Adam- "You know what I thought when I heard you?.. Of course my wife would
have the cutest snore in the world. I could totally sleep through that!"
Love him.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Boy or girl?

I had my 13 week screening today and got some pictures out of it to share with the family..
They didn't spend anytime at all trying to get "good shots"
because it's just to test the nuchal translucency.
The baby looks great. They are not worried about anything. Yay! 
But, any guesses? What I am seeing.. is that the umbilical cord?
oh and don't be alarmed by the giant hole in it's head.. 3d can look a bit scary. 
I remember Chloe was doing flips when I had this test done.. this baby was either really calm, or asleep. Not too much movement, just a turn or two.. Anyway..
We don't care what it is, but we for sure want to know either way!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


How far along? 12 weeks 

How Big Is the baby? The size of a lime 2.5 inches

How big is your uterus? Bigger than a grapefruit.

Maternity clothes? Can't fit into maternity, can't fit into my regular clothes. May need to bust out the belly band and hair tie for my jeans.

Sleep? lousy.I get up all through the night to pee, and I can't seem to get comfortable. Lots of back cramps/discomfort.

Movement? No feelings yet.. With Chloe I felt her kicks at 14 weeks. So maybe 2 more weeks?

Food cravings? no not really, although I do like dairy a lot right now. Totinos pizza, but I have always craved those things!

Gender? Still a little too early

Milestones: Second trimester here I come! I made it this far.. isn't 12 weeks the "hump"?

Emotions: Normal.. usually.