Sunday, March 30, 2014

Borges Ranch

My friend Melanie and I took our little s to Borges Ranch a few weeks ago.
Scarlett, Wes, and Chloe got to pet the animals, and run around.
 Three 3 year olds at a petting zoo is so fun to watch.
 photo 1D71_7428web_zps2422c5c9.jpg
Chloe is so amazing with animals. She is not afraid, and is so gentle and excited to touch and hold them.

 photo 1D71_7411-pcweb_zps1d07d7fd.jpg
Chloe is my flower girl. She picks flowers everywhere she goes!! It not always so great when your neighbor just planted the flowers in his yard...
 photo 1D71_7369web_zps6db98fca.jpg 
 photo 1D71_7376-pcweb_zps98d5d638.jpg Haha I really liked this weirdo goat. He liked the flowers on the other side of the fence, and kept contorting and torturing himself to get a tasty treat.
 photo 1D71_7416web_zpse00bb922.jpg The crew
 photo 1D71_7365web_zps96da5ff6.jpg The chickens were a bit aggressive. Melanie put her hand in and the stripped one pecked her pretty badly.
 photo 1D71_7435web_zps4d4119de.jpg