Saturday, February 13, 2016

Penelope is ONE!!

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Our miracle baby turned one! I adore this little gal so much I can't even describe it! She has been nothing but bliss since the day she was born. She is my easy going little angel, and she is perfection.  
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  • Penelope loves sour things, like lemons, and pickles.
  • You are not a fan of sweets.
  • You squawk anytime you don't like something.

 photo 1D71_6206-_zpsefpugdb3.jpg  photo 1D71_6204-_zps10hx7pgs.jpg 
  • You give little snuggles here and there
  • You started crawling January 20th one day before your birthday!
  • I can still get you to lay for a diaper change, or a bolus feeding
  • You have 5 teeth now, your top two bottom two and your left top have popped through.
 photo 1D71_6193-_zpsdkr2a7vn.jpg  photo 1D71_6192-_zpswod6suzs.jpg  photo 1D71_6188-_zpsiqzqfqhz.jpg 
  • You say Mama, dada, ginger, dog, ni ni (night night) uh oh, and hi
  • you like to get into things like baskets of toys, or my crafts.
  • You go to sleep at 730 and wake about 630
  • You are transitioning from 2 naps to one, but you still need two.

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  • You love to mimic
  • You play independently very well.
  • You are very curious, and smart.
  • You adore your daddy. He adores you.
  • You love to dance, especially with your Aunt Sarah
We had a big party for your first birthday. Your Great Grandmother (mamaw) and Aunt Mary ann came out to be here for it. Also your Uncle Jason, and Aunt Jami came. We had a Lavender and gold themed party for you. We had someone from church make a few racks of ribs, and some bbq chicken, and drank lavender lemonade. We had cake and ice cream. It was lovely
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Below is the naked/floral lavender cake

 photo 309_zpscvdsogyg.jpg  photo 312_zps0shnkuqk.jpg  photo 308_zpsxrcjw8ys.jpg  photo 311_zps5l7b3zv1.jpg  photo 310_zps3drr5fcw.jpg
 photo PicMonkey Collage2_zpsii9usisn.jpg  photo PicMonkey Collage4_zpspek10f36.jpg
 photo PicMonkey Collage1_zpslbp5l8xj.jpg I made you a smash cake, and another for everyone to enjoy at the party. Here are your smash cake pictures..
 photo 315_zpslvdeayda.jpg  photo 314_zpsoacqeia5.jpg  photo 316_zpsayeyftap.jpg  photo 313_zpszidjaqk9.jpg
 photo 1D71_6298-_zpsom9makm6.jpg 
 photo 1D71_6423-_zpsmomtursv.jpg  photo 1D71_6343-_zps4ja034ka.jpg  photo 1D71_6291-_zpsur8ab7ea.jpg  photo 1D71_6271-_zpsag0kaxd5.jpg