Friday, May 30, 2014

Piper Jane turns ONE

This year for Little Piper Jane's first birthday I decided on a rose gold theme.
I started looking for anything rose gold I could find, but it proved to be very difficult.
So I went with a rose and gold theme.
 photo 1May2014035-_zps064ff60c.jpg

It was a very simple birthday, as should be for a one year old.
 photo Piper1_zps683089d8.jpg

Pepper- You let everyone hold you, but you preferred your Grams much of the time.
 photo Pipersparty_zpsceb9a25e.jpg
I had to put Piper Jane in the same dress and the same location her big sister wore it on her 1st birthday three years ago.
 photo Chloandpiper1_zpsd858f532.jpg
Her own little cake
 photo 1May2014102-_zps46121ef3.jpg

We had family over, Barbecued and ate cake. Her birthday snuck up on me so quick that I didn't do all I wanted for her party, but turning one is so low key anyhow. Piper must have liked the feeling of frosting on her scalp. She kept painting herself with it. When she was all done she started to cry and then we realized she was so thirsty from all that sugar! Poor baby :( photo Piperssmashcake_zps6a386832.jpg
She dove right in with her face.. photo cakepiper_zps7f5a9e13.png
I can't believe how much growth has occurred lately.
Lots of new teeth, lots of new words. Lots of signing.
Little Piper you are really communicating so well!

 photo Piperturns1_zpsc7db18d4.jpg
We changed you out of your frosting covered mess, and into your birthday bloomers.
 photo birthdaybloomers_zps20e27b4e.jpg
You enjoyed your company, and loved the attention. 

 photo rosegold_zpsf06d4b1b.jpg
You opened your presents like a big girl! You loved getting your baby doll. She looks just like you!
 photo presents_zps40d4085f.jpg

Thank you thank you to my family who made her day so special
 photo one_zpse8fb38f1.jpg
 photo pipesdecorations_zps6d19d4be.jpg
I just can't believe that you are ONE!! You are so sweet my little doll.
 photo Pipierose_zps01c9fd39.jpg

Monday, May 26, 2014

Matching Sisters

I never thought I would love dressing my girls up coordinating or matching so much,
But I do! 
Chloe really likes it, and it's kinda fun!
These outfits are one of the little sewing projests I made for them a few months back when I was in a sewing mood.
I kept seeing the cutest stuff on Etsy, but didn't want to pay their prices.
So I taught myself how to read a pattern, and made a few things for the girls.
 photo 1May2014019-web_zps72330188.jpg  photo 1May2014055-web_zpsaccf774e.jpg

Blowing kisses
 photo 1May2014044-web_zps5ecba2a1.jpg  photo 1May2014023-web_zpsb0c14693.jpg  photo 1May2014015-web_zps15e08af6.jpg

I love ruffles! I even went out and bought a ruffle foot for my sewing machine. It takes so much time to ruffle, and now hopefully it will be easier :)  photo 1May2014012-web_zps83c021c3.jpg

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Piper Jane month 11

  • You have 4 teeth all on the bottom Your two front top teeth are coming in and you have three molars already!
  • You are getting chunky
  •  photo 1-1045-highkey2web_zps648d933e.jpg

  • You have been going to bed around 7-715
  • You still take a morning nap from 9-10 then an afternoon nap for about an hour
  • You Crawl, but can still stay where I put you. 

  •  photo -PiperJane11months_zpsb1f963cc.jpg

  • You pull everything off of the shelves
  • You like your toys.
  • I can put you outside to play with Chloe and you will stay where I put you.

  •  photo 1-008-pcweb_zpsc7b35f07.jpg

  • You climb stairs.
  • You love the water table
  • You are becoming a little more indipendant.

  •  photo 1-028-web_zps9dd71d6e.jpg

  • You communicate very well what you want.
  • You love avacados

  •  photo 1-013-pcweb_zps395f1cac.jpg

  • You smack your lips and grunt for food.
  • You blow kisses, and give open mouth kisses when asked.

  •  photo -Piper11mo_zpsdba27959.jpg

  • You point and hold it at people in public when you want them to come talk to you.
  • You flirt with older men often!
  • Your favorite food is mac and cheese.

  • I had no idea you were working on molars until I saw them already through!! You get a runny nose, light fever and wine a lot when you teeth.
  • You don't take crap from your sister. Your reaction to her in your space is to instantly yell.

  •  photo 1April2014064web_zpsb8a48958.jpg  photo 1April2014065-web_zps0c5572ed.jpg
     photo 1April2014089web_zps985e80e7.jpg

  • You often make a funny noise that sounds like gu gu gu gu gu gu gah! Gu gu gu gu GaH!
  • You go through about three outfits a day.

  •  photo 1-115-web_zps1ecc35fc.jpg

  • Your feet have a chunky bump on the top, and you curl your toes in. Not all shoes fit well.
  • I bought you your first pair of sevens.
  •  photo 1-109-bwweb_zpsace4c00c.jpg

    • You can walk holding on to someones hands.
    • You push your walker toys around and "walk" around the house.

     photo 1-094-web_zpseed1f574.jpg
    You have really progressed so much in the past month! You are really starting to get big! We just adore every thing about you!

    Thursday, May 15, 2014

    The life of an almost four year old

    The life of an almost-four-year-old is magical. 
    Everything is Elsa.
    "Elsa Blue" is now any shade of medium blue out there.
    Every morning I let her decide how she would like her hair.. 
    "I want Elsa hair"
    French braids, and twists are all the rave with my gal.
    She never tires of "Do you want to build a snowman" or "let it go"
    No one else is allowed to be Elsa. Only she can be Elsa.
    This presents a problem with friends who are also Frozen obsessed...
    Everywhere we go she can find a way to incorporate the world of frozen.
    We took a stroll on a cloudy cool day the other day.
     She kept finding shells in the dirt and would "stop for a picnic" and collect her shells.
     Now these were no ordinary shells. Nope these were magic shells.
     photo 1May2014211-_zps10a6f665.jpg

     photo 1May2014088_zps3eb33950.jpg
    Can you tell a magical idea is brewing?
     photo 1May2014215-_zps81d66ff1.jpg
    She will get deep into thought and have a great big plan for the two of us.
     photo 1May2014213-_zps1c88c145.jpg
    "Mom pretend this (the scarf she brought to "fly kites") is my looooong Elsa hair"
     photo 1May2014207-bw_zpsa9fec2a2.jpg
    Our other obsession? Flowers.
    Everywhere we go she must pick a flower.
    This gets us in trouble often.  photo gypsy990px_zpsf397fb9b.jpg
    Even though you can't see me.. I too have "Elsa hair" on.
    "We only have each other.. what are we going to do?"
     photo 1May2014191-_zps7febec81.jpg

     photo 1May2014180-_zps892b380f.jpg
    I love the look on her face in the next picture.
    She almost dropped her flower.
     photo 1May2014183-_zpsc75e1eb3.jpg

     photo 1May2014187-_zps1054e19e.jpg
    The whole time we sang Frozen songs and played pretend.
     photo 1May2014172-_zpsb99feb83.jpg

     photo 1May2014171-_zps0f8a9124.jpg 
     photo 1May2014162-_zps0b0df603.jpg
    We twirled and twirled on a hill in the wind, While we flew our "kites"
     photo 1May2014159-bw_zpsac0ca34c.jpg

     photo 1May2014165-_zpsc7e53472.jpg
    My silly little Elsa girl
     photo 1May2014149-bw_zpsc9ee9313.jpg
     Did I mention Piper came along? lol she was a trooper. 
    She wants so badly to do the things her sister does. 
    She is a big girl in a babies body. She tries to play Chloe's games on the side lines.
     photo 1May2014142-_zps4f279824.jpg
    Another stop to pick flowers and picnic.
    Each time she said "lets rest" and would lay her scarf down and settle in on the path.
     photo 1May2014129_zps37056437.jpg 
     photo 1May2014117_zps83b412ad.jpg 
     photo limeridge990px_zps13b573f7.jpg 

     photo 1May2014105_zps804cf652.jpg 
    Those sensitive baby blues. Just like Daddy.
     photo 1May2014078-_zps3005d948.jpg
    Her oh so important magical flowers..
     photo 1May2014065-web_zps65e0b03e.jpg 
     photo 1May2014073_zps901d3cd3.jpg

     photo 1May2014084_zpsc8cf180a.jpg 
     photo 1May2014080_zps5ddb81ee.jpg 
     photo 1May2014067-lbp_zpseeb6ab8b.jpg

    This little girls melts my heart.
    "Some people are worth melting for"