Thursday, May 15, 2014

The life of an almost four year old

The life of an almost-four-year-old is magical. 
Everything is Elsa.
"Elsa Blue" is now any shade of medium blue out there.
Every morning I let her decide how she would like her hair.. 
"I want Elsa hair"
French braids, and twists are all the rave with my gal.
She never tires of "Do you want to build a snowman" or "let it go"
No one else is allowed to be Elsa. Only she can be Elsa.
This presents a problem with friends who are also Frozen obsessed...
Everywhere we go she can find a way to incorporate the world of frozen.
We took a stroll on a cloudy cool day the other day.
 She kept finding shells in the dirt and would "stop for a picnic" and collect her shells.
 Now these were no ordinary shells. Nope these were magic shells.
 photo 1May2014211-_zps10a6f665.jpg

 photo 1May2014088_zps3eb33950.jpg
Can you tell a magical idea is brewing?
 photo 1May2014215-_zps81d66ff1.jpg
She will get deep into thought and have a great big plan for the two of us.
 photo 1May2014213-_zps1c88c145.jpg
"Mom pretend this (the scarf she brought to "fly kites") is my looooong Elsa hair"
 photo 1May2014207-bw_zpsa9fec2a2.jpg
Our other obsession? Flowers.
Everywhere we go she must pick a flower.
This gets us in trouble often.  photo gypsy990px_zpsf397fb9b.jpg
Even though you can't see me.. I too have "Elsa hair" on.
"We only have each other.. what are we going to do?"
 photo 1May2014191-_zps7febec81.jpg

 photo 1May2014180-_zps892b380f.jpg
I love the look on her face in the next picture.
She almost dropped her flower.
 photo 1May2014183-_zpsc75e1eb3.jpg

 photo 1May2014187-_zps1054e19e.jpg
The whole time we sang Frozen songs and played pretend.
 photo 1May2014172-_zpsb99feb83.jpg

 photo 1May2014171-_zps0f8a9124.jpg 
 photo 1May2014162-_zps0b0df603.jpg
We twirled and twirled on a hill in the wind, While we flew our "kites"
 photo 1May2014159-bw_zpsac0ca34c.jpg

 photo 1May2014165-_zpsc7e53472.jpg
My silly little Elsa girl
 photo 1May2014149-bw_zpsc9ee9313.jpg
 Did I mention Piper came along? lol she was a trooper. 
She wants so badly to do the things her sister does. 
She is a big girl in a babies body. She tries to play Chloe's games on the side lines.
 photo 1May2014142-_zps4f279824.jpg
Another stop to pick flowers and picnic.
Each time she said "lets rest" and would lay her scarf down and settle in on the path.
 photo 1May2014129_zps37056437.jpg 
 photo 1May2014117_zps83b412ad.jpg 
 photo limeridge990px_zps13b573f7.jpg 

 photo 1May2014105_zps804cf652.jpg 
Those sensitive baby blues. Just like Daddy.
 photo 1May2014078-_zps3005d948.jpg
Her oh so important magical flowers..
 photo 1May2014065-web_zps65e0b03e.jpg 
 photo 1May2014073_zps901d3cd3.jpg

 photo 1May2014084_zpsc8cf180a.jpg 
 photo 1May2014080_zps5ddb81ee.jpg 
 photo 1May2014067-lbp_zpseeb6ab8b.jpg

This little girls melts my heart.
"Some people are worth melting for"

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  1. Your pictures truly tell the story of the day! I am SO proud to be your mother and Chloë's grandmother. I love your little family more than words can say!