Sunday, May 22, 2016

Strawberry Pink

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As soon as our girls are old enough we let them decide what they want as a theme for their birthdays. This year Piper decided she wanted to have a "Strawberry Pink" party, so we went for it!
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This little girl of ours is so bright. She makes us laugh all of the time. She is suuuuper feisty, and has a hot temper, but this little girl has my heart.  photo 329_zpsss4fswr9.jpg
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Piper loooves candy, as you can see in the next photo. My girls are addicts for sure.

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Piper loves to play with kids that are older than her. She loves Chloe's friends, and when Chloe has her friend over Piper thinks it is her play date too. Chloe hates this.
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Piper's favorite thing to do is play with the Sharapatas. They are our neighbors, and they have 5 girls, that love Piper, and are so kind to her. Piper's best friend is Ruby Sharapata, who is 8 years older than she is.
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For Piper's party we had strawberry cupcakes with strawberry whipped frosting, and edible strawberry decorations on top. we also had cream filled donuts with fresh strawberry slices.

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Her cake was vanilla, with a fresh sweet strawberry filling, and strawberry butter cream. We had strawberry pops, and strawberry jelly beans.
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The kids enjoyed strawberry white chocolate dipped pretzels, old school strawberry hard candy, and strawberry amaretto wrapped cookies.
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See the little ouchie on her chin? She got that while getting too close to the hot cake pans after they came out of the oven. I told her "don't touch the cake it's hot" so she settled for just smelling it, but her little chin paid the price :(

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They enjoyed taking turns busting open the strawberry pinata..
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The hit of the party was the water blob that Adam made for the kids. Unfortunately is was a bit windy and cool so we didn't do the slip and slide, and sprinklers/kiddie pool. Special thanks to my friend Darby for the water blob idea. Unfortunately it sprung holes, and only lasted 30 minutes. Oh well it was fun while it lasted.
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This was the 6 inch cake we ate The day before the party on Piper's actual birthday. It was my favorite. It was a strawberry cake with strawberry filling, and a strawberry jello cream frosting. It was tasty.
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Eating the candy that dropped from the pinata..
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These Strawberry cookies were my first attempt at royal icing sugar cookies.. The next time I make royal icing cookies I will just buy pre made sugar cookie dough and then make the royal icing to decorate with, because once you add royal icing (in my opinion) it ruins the cookie anyway lol
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Pipes loved all of her gifts, and loved being the center of attention. It was the best birthday this 3 year old could have wanted.
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I love this next picture of her Daddy bringing her her cake so she could blow out the candles. Nice arms babe!
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My sweet goldie girl.