Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ginger and the Goose

We like to take trips to our near by Heather Farms where our dog Ginger likes to chase the geese (She is harmless she only likes to see them fly away) This Sunday after a long nap we decided to go down to Heather & brought bread for the geese... Ginger had the time of her life !!

The 4th of July

Adam kept making the horse trot and I only wanted to take a soft stroll with the little guy... This is me freaking out.
We had a great time In Idaho for the forth of July. We played games, had BBQs, rode horses, went in the canoe! here are some pics of our trip!

Adam and his green thumb*

yummy strawberries and Tomatoes!

Adam's Garden

Adam planted tomatoes in April this year. They are his pride and joy! He comes home for lunch from work and waters them, and comes home at six after work and waters them... He definately has the green thumb! Here are some photos of our yummy tomatoes!