Thursday, October 6, 2011


Okay so for a while now I have had an obsession with intricate vintage (old) furniture. My obsession doesn't stop there.. I have found that I really love vintage baby clothes. There is a shop near our house called "Room With A Past" that I have now (All thanks to my dear friend Fenima) become obsessed with. They sell furniture, dishes, baby clothes etc. all vintage or v inspired. Love love love. I am re-doing chloe's nursery into a little girl room and I am decorating it in all vintage inspired/ shabby chic. I am SO excited!!

 I transformed this neato ottoman to go in her room.
bought this cool intricate mirror that was a bronze color and spray painted it white.

These are a couple of vintage baby clothes I bought. The lady who sold these to me said she stored them in her hope chest and never used them. They are from the 60's and I think they are beautiful!
This white linen top is my favorite! It still has it's tags on!
I am going to put Chloe in this blue top tonight to go out to get Frozen yogurt with the youth in our church. I will pair it with some blue Janie and Jack shoes she has :)

 My model~

My vintage baby clothes model. I love you pretty baby!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My girl

Oh my little drooly sweetheart. How I love those little cheeks.

You are always so curious. You want to explore and play with everything.
We took you to the park to play in the sand and get dirty thus the play clothes. Someone gave us this onsie it says "shop till you nap - Nordstroms" Oh how I hate shirts with words or characters on them, and that is why you are in these clothes.. so you can ruin them and I won't care :) Oh and ps I love your belly in this picture!

Daddy love.

You have always loved the swing

And the sand.. You love to get dirty, and to eat sand, dirt, mud, sticks..
And to climb.. Last week at daycare (the gym) My class ended and I came back to get you and the girls were telling me how much you make them laugh and that you love to climb on things, and even on kids to get to what you want.

Here you are swinging, with a stick you found in the sand, that you wouldn't let go of.

Your daddy took this picture of you after your long day of playing. He thought you looked cute, and wanted you to see how naughty you can be when food is involved.