Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Oh what fun it is! There is nothing like Holidays when you have children. Everything is so wondrous to them. So amazing and exciting. Chloe is loving "Kismis Yites"  everywhere we go she is spotting them and yelling 'See! see da yites!Wow
She finds Christmas trees in sky scrapers, in peoples homes through their windows everywhere.
the other day someone had antlers on their car and she thought it was the coolest thing ever.
We have the tree up and the presents under and wrapped.
She hasn't realized that she can unwrap all of the presents under the tree thank goodness!
I can't wait for Christmas morning!!!!!!!! She is going to get the
biggest surprise of her life when she realizes that they are hers!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Handmade Aden and Anais swaddlers

I have been in love with the A and A blankets as soon as they came out! Chloe was a summer baby and could have used some of these handy muslin swaddlers. I used to feel so bad to have to nurse her when it was so hot out. Her little head would get so sweaty under a regular receiving/waffle blanket. We would both be beet red when she was done. 
They came out with these after chloe was about a year old and by then she was through with her receiving blankets/swaddling. I am so excited that new baby girl will get to use these gems. I am so excited to get to  dress up and make things for this little girl! So I went  online and did tons of research to find a similar cotton muslin to make her some mommy made blankets.. I found this fabric in white and dyed it coral and hand stamped some light aqua birds on.

There were bumps along the way..
It looks like a murder took place in our living room..Yep that's an entire bottle of red Rit dye. 
Never turn your back even for a second when you have an active curious toddler. Lesson learned.
also when dying fabric soak it in water before dying, or you will end up with a slight tie dye effect.
I picked up some fabric paint and stamps and hand stamped the fabric.
These owls were so cute and girly. I love them, 
Regardless of the bumps in the road..
 I think they turned out pretty cute for a DIY project!.