Monday, January 5, 2015

34 weeks

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Baby girl baird #3 @ 11wks
Today I went in for another growth scan @ 34 weeks, and she is growing! Yay! Her head is now in the 11th percentile, which is small, but not strange looking kind of small anymore like it was in the < 5th percentile.. She is still measuring pretty little everywhere, especially her tummy, but The perinatologist thinks she is just a tiny thing naturally. She has a small amount of peach fuzz on her head, and some funky looking lips. It's hard to really tell what your baby looks like unless you get a very skilled ultrasound tech who will thoroughly look for that perfect shot (which didn't happen here). I'm a little concerned about what she looks like now that I see these pictures. Those lips! Her nose is more like Chloe's nose was in utero. (Wider like mine). I have no idea who she might look like...
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Baby girl Baird #3 @ 34 weeks

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Baby girl Baird #3 @ 34 weeks
 Her amniotic fluid looks great, and everything is looking up. They are having me go in Once a week for a non stress test and once a week for an ultrasound to measure her growth, and fluid. I also go in once a week for my regular Dr. visits.. So loads of appointments ugh.. I think they are just being overly cautious. They told me she looks good, so I'm not sure why all of the checking.. I guess it gives me some time to catch up on reading?! 

She still has no name. She is still very quiet, and sleeps most of the time. I sometimes go all day without feeling her. She is still low, and has never gotten into my ribs or done that alien feeling wiggle, or flop in my belly. Mostly she stays curled in a ball sleeping. She is head down, and still gets the hiccups a ton.

Top 3 names right now (subject to change at any moment) are Daisy, Lucy (lulu),and Emma.