Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This past weekend we had a little party for Chloë. She loves the little Mermaid, and anytime she sees things in the store that are little Mermaid she sings "Ahhh ahhh ahhh" (the song Ariel sings when the sea witch takes her voice)
So we went with an Under the Sea theme for her 2nd birthday party.

Chloë has started to like dress up clothes. She started out wearing her tinker bell oufit, and then changed into her bathing suit.

We had ocean cupcakes with sand and shells on top, sand pudding, Ocean water (blueberry lemonade), whale crackers, fish bowls (blue jello with sweedish fish),Shells and cheese, Shrimp, "seanut butter" and jelly sandwitches (pb and j shaped as fish) and cababs.

It was so hot that all of the deserts melted. The kids didn't seem to mind.


The kids had a blast with the water balloons and the pool.

Chloë and her guests enjoyed octopus hot dogs.

They fished for prizes..

Ate "oysters and pearls"

The kids enjoyed playing with the bubble blower

Lots of aqua frosting on these cute little faces

Adam grilled most of the party. Men and their grills..

We played "pop the bubbles" for treats inside.

Kiddie pool party

Her guests got little Under the sea gift bags filed with fun sea toys and candy.

I can't believe my little girl is two.
You are growing so fast! You have become such a sweet curious little girl.
You are very active, and don't like to be restricted, or restrained.
You are a free spirit, and enjoy all things sugar.
You LOVE  your "show" and can't get enough of daddy.
You talk all of the time, and sometimes others don't know what you are saying so I translate.
For example AH-YoYo means = I want.
Where that came from.. We don't know.

You started out just the tiniest thing..
And you grew..
And grew some more..

This is you on your birthday last year. I thought you looked SO BIG.
and now..
Look at you. My little Angel. We adore you and are so happy that you are in our lives.
Happy Birthday Chloë-lu.