Friday, June 17, 2016

Blue floral Party

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Chloe had her 6th birthday party last week. It was a very big week for us! She graduated from Kindergarten on her birthday! The following day we celebrated her birth day by taking her and a few of her Friends to sky high to jump, and then have pizza, and treats!

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She requested a "blue floral" party, so that's what she got! It was a very simple party, and the kiddos had a blast. I wasn't feeling very well that week, so my plans for a her didn't pan out, but I think she had a great time, and everyone was happy. She is getting so big1 She has lost 2 teeth so far (her bottom front teeth). Chloe can polish her own toe nails and finger nails. She got a play makeup set, and polish set from her grandparents for her birthday, and she has been loving that! She also got a new pair of heels from her daddy that she is really happy about. Her grandma got her a color changing barbie that you can color her makeup hair, and nails with cold water, and when she gets warm it all comes back off.
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Our little girly girl is really blossoming fast, now she's a 1st grader! We are s proud of our sweet Chloe girl!
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