Sunday, June 19, 2016

Big Sur Memorial Day 2016

 photo 1D71_8435-_zpskmbn4jcx.jpg  photo 1D71_8430-_zps8fmgca6r.jpg  photo 1D71_8428-_zpsnjpyanie.jpg  photo 1D71_8418-_zpseagp0qwr.jpg  photo 1D71_8401-_zpsu7uq2pqb.jpg  photo 1D71_8404-_zps0jkrgyf3.jpg  photo 1D71_8410-_zpskptosgwj.jpg  photo 1D71_8413-_zpskv1rhqwj.jpg  photo 1D71_8391-_zpsmqcoqbgx.jpg  photo 1D71_8384-_zpsjorcyeik.jpg  photo 1D71_8373-_zpsrfpopmf0.jpg  photo 1D71_8369-_zpslnewjjfp.jpg  photo 1D71_8367-_zpskrdgs0tl.jpg

1 comment:

  1. What a cute girls!!
    I'm new here and I like it!
    I'm from Chile but I live in Utah :)
    Good to know more people with my beliefs
    Have a nice day!