Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lets go swimming!

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Okay okay.. I admit it I love shopping for my girls. I tend to go a little crazy sometimes, so in order to have Piper wear all of her cute things while she is in that age size we wardrobe change often.
This swimsuit is my FAVORITE ever. It's from Europe and it's darling, but she is growing so fast, and by the time it's summer she might have outgrown it, so what to do.. Photoshoot!
 photo 11D71_5903-bwweb_zps4f76abc9.jpg
Actually the story behind this photoshoot is that we were heading up to Lava hot springs in Idaho, and I brought Piper two suits. I couldn't decide which to wear to Lava, so I tried them both on, and then went with the smaller one hoping she can wear this one again since it's the bigger of the two.. 
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 photo 1D71_5981web_zps5f5085c7.jpg
The girl was mesmerized by all of the water, and was calm, and taking it all in.
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 photo 1D71_5988webbw_zps78cbadab.jpg

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I'm not sure if she loved it, or what but she seemed happy to be there.
 photo 1D71_6020web_zps55bb124d.jpg

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Unfortunately Chloe was running around so much that I couldn't get many shots of her.
 She had such a great time playing with her cousins!
I'm not a fan of Chloe's suit.
 I let her pick from all of her adorable suits, and which one does she choose?
The one I got her to play in the yard with.. 
 photo 1D71_5972web_zps37339462.jpg
I really wish we had something like this where we live.. we would go all of the time!
Piper and Daddy in the hot tub
 photo 1D71_6037-webbw_zpsf3397666.jpg
I love this next shot of Little Pi's raisin feet. She may have been in the water a bit too long at that point..
 photo 1D71_6039-web_zps26f6bf6f.jpg
I can't wait for the summer! We have so many plans to go and have fun in the sun! My mom was so sweet and she got us all season passes to Waterworld! Yay! Can't wait!
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Piper Jane month 8

  • You now say Hi, dog, dada and mama
  • You have for the most part weened yourself
  • You like" real food"
  • You got your first two teeth a couple of weeks ago.. That was rough.
  • You Click your tongue
  •  photo 1D71_7203web_zpsa0ff3252.jpg
  • You love to pull out all of the wipes from the container.
  • You Pop your lips especially when you want food
  • You have taken to only saying "dog" lately.
  • You are an independent eater. No more purees for you.
  • You have found your voice, and can easily get your point across, as to what you want.

 photo 1D71_7204web_zpsde34fe25.jpg

  • You stick your tongue out and blow (spit) to tell us NO
  • You have your two front bottom teeth in, but one has come through much more than the other. 
  • Naps are 1.5 hours in the morning @at 9am, 45 minutes in the afternoon around 130 and then to bed at 630 

  •  photo 1D71_7193web_zpsbb43480e.jpg

  • You only nurse 2 times in 24 hours. At night, and in the early morning. I pump for you still.
  • Your last nursing is at 10 pm then you wake to eat between 4-6 am
  • you stand holding onto things, but don't crawl yet.
  • You drink from a sippy like a champ

  •  photo 1D71_7195web_zps3e479047.jpg
    You and Chloe have just started to really play together. I love that. Every time I listen to the Frozen soundtrack I think about your sister relationship, and my heart swells. I love that you two will be there for each other. I love the connection you share.
    We Love you like crazy, and are so fulfilled with your spirit in our home.You are very aware, and I feel like you have a wise and old soul. You are an amazing little person. I can't wait to see who you become.

    Saturday, February 15, 2014

    Be mine

     photo 1D71_6513-web_zps35dd531b.jpg
    Ah my sweet little girlies.. I just love having girls!!!
    They are so fun to dress up and play with
     photo 1D71_6523-web_zps0955e022.jpg
    Piper is so easy to dress up and sit somewhere. 
    She can't move around too much so I use it to my advantage.
     photo 1D71_6527-wrmpopweb_zps2acf9306.jpg
    Everything excites her, and I enjoy watching her learn. 
     photo 1D71_6524--web_zps2d179ee2.jpg
    Baby Jane got her first tooth this week, and it was pretty hard for everyone.
    Once it popped through she was okay.
     photo 1D71_6517-floraweb_zps3176906f.jpg
    All week long the girls dressed in their valentines outfits. 
    Lots of hearts, pinks, reds etc. Chloe loved it!
     photo 1D71_6546-cleanweb_zpsaccc31c5.jpg
    I made Chloe a giant cupcake to decorate for valentines. 
    We went out and got sprinkles, heart candies etc. to decorate with.
    She likes to decorate it, but really she just wanted to eat it. 
     photo 1D71_7273-web_zps5f367559.jpg
    She kept asking me to polish her nails in valentine colors, and put her heart tattoos on.
    Her grams got her a bunch of chapsticks, candy, and toys to open as her valentines present.
    Her Grandma Baird sent her a my little Pony dvd which she loves!
     photo 1D71_7262web_zps6670628f.jpg
    Easy on the sprinkles kid!
     photo 1D71_7261-pcweb_zpsec36e8d7.jpg

     photo 1D71_6543-web_zpsbdfaa670.jpg
    I love me some ruffle buns!!
     photo 1D71_6574_zps6f953fd6.jpg

     photo 1D71_6572_zpse2296d68.jpg
    Love birds onesie 
     photo 1D71_6570_zps6df1dff4.jpg

     photo 1D71_6569_zpsfec7925e.jpg

     photo 1D71_6560-web_zps8b1765e6.jpg
    And on to the messy part.. Why do we love cake smashing so much?
     photo 1D71_7324web_zps328891c0.jpg

     photo 1D71_7341web_zps6fc07ffb.jpg
    And of course it wouldn't be a party without the photo bombing of Ginger the dog..
    Anywhere there is food there is Ginger.
     photo 1D71_7352web_zps6d7d3275.jpg

     photo 1D71_7345-pcweb_zps390c0073.jpg
    Happy Valentines Day!!!
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    Thursday, February 6, 2014

    Fresh Squeezed Review

    I don't normally do reviews of anything, but I really really like this product.. 
    I made most of Chloe's baby food, and felt happy about knowing where her food came from, and what was in it, but it got tricky toting it around it all sorts of containers. 
    I kept thinking "why don't they make reusable pouches", or something like it... well they did.. kinda. These are not technically reusable. Just fillable, but I do reuse them... They come with a filling system, pouches, and caps.

     photo 1D71_6387web_zps83198061.jpg
    I love that they are clear containers, and I can write what they are on the outside.
    Okay, so here is what I do..
     I steam all of my veggies and puree them. 
    I also puree all of my fruit, then I add my sweet fruits into my not as sweet veggies, so my baby will eat them. I make all sorts of yummy baby food recipes.
     photo 1D71_6375web_zps9b2abfce.jpg
    Avocado..pear.. yum, but I haven't tried making these together, yet
     photo 1D71_6383web_zpsa501988f.jpg
    I put carrot into a lot of my recipes. It blends well, and adds a sweetness.
     photo 1D71_6363web_zpscd5566cf.jpg
    Above is a scooped out Acorn squash.
     I usually use butternut, because it's a go to for baby food, as is sweet potato.
     Acorn squash is new to me, but It was really good! 
     photo 1D71_6380web_zps28aeb4a6.jpg
    The Kabocha squash.. not so much
     photo 1D71_6362web_zpsef6c5adb.jpg
    Below is pure raspberry puree frozen into trays so I can pop them out and add them to any mix I want..
     photo 1D71_6369-web_zpsf287f428.jpg
    Below is acorn squash, apple sauce, and cinnamon. Pipes loved it!
     photo 1D71_6373web_zpsd96b3731.jpg
    I have to give a shout out to Kendra on her homemade Vanilla extract.. yum! I use it so much!
     photo 1D71_6364web_zpsbf225da2.jpg
    Here is how the system works... 
    See that plunger thing?, well it does just what it looks like.. Plunges the food into the pouches..
     photo 1D71_6390web_zpsf01ccfad.jpg

    I make a bunch of recipes, fill the pouches, then freeze them all.
    Every morning I pop out 2 different flavors, and let them thaw a couple of hours, and when Piper is done with her morning nap they are thawed, and ready for me to take anywhere. We also have the spoon thingies that you can attach, but Piper does really well with us just squirting it straight into her mouth.
    Oh and when a pouch is empty I rinse it thoroughly dry it, and reuse it! 
    Love them!