Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Piper Jane month 8

  • You now say Hi, dog, dada and mama
  • You have for the most part weened yourself
  • You like" real food"
  • You got your first two teeth a couple of weeks ago.. That was rough.
  • You Click your tongue
  •  photo 1D71_7203web_zpsa0ff3252.jpg
  • You love to pull out all of the wipes from the container.
  • You Pop your lips especially when you want food
  • You have taken to only saying "dog" lately.
  • You are an independent eater. No more purees for you.
  • You have found your voice, and can easily get your point across, as to what you want.

 photo 1D71_7204web_zpsde34fe25.jpg

  • You stick your tongue out and blow (spit) to tell us NO
  • You have your two front bottom teeth in, but one has come through much more than the other. 
  • Naps are 1.5 hours in the morning @at 9am, 45 minutes in the afternoon around 130 and then to bed at 630 

  •  photo 1D71_7193web_zpsbb43480e.jpg

  • You only nurse 2 times in 24 hours. At night, and in the early morning. I pump for you still.
  • Your last nursing is at 10 pm then you wake to eat between 4-6 am
  • you stand holding onto things, but don't crawl yet.
  • You drink from a sippy like a champ

  •  photo 1D71_7195web_zps3e479047.jpg
    You and Chloe have just started to really play together. I love that. Every time I listen to the Frozen soundtrack I think about your sister relationship, and my heart swells. I love that you two will be there for each other. I love the connection you share.
    We Love you like crazy, and are so fulfilled with your spirit in our home.You are very aware, and I feel like you have a wise and old soul. You are an amazing little person. I can't wait to see who you become.

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