Saturday, May 29, 2010

Red Raspberry leaf and Evening primrose oil??

                 Anyone tried this? I wonder if any of this will really work?
red raspberry leaf-  Many midwives report that red raspberry leaf aids in focusing the pre-labor contractions that help a woman’s uterus to prepare for delivery. The high vitamin and mineral content help replace those lost via blood loss during delivery. Also, the alkaloids will continue toning the uterus as it returns to its usual size. In some women, the high mineral content may even help their milk to come in. It also contains fragrine, an alkaloid which help tone the muscles of the pelvic region including the uterus. This allows the uterus to contract more powerfully and effectively during labor.

evening primrose oil- Proponents of natural birth methods and many midwives swear by using evening primrose oil to help ripen the cervix. Evening primrose oil contains prostaglandins, which are used for inducing labor. It is said to help soften and ripen the cervix to help prepare it for the birth of your baby. Evening primrose oil is more commonly used by midwives. Very few obstetricians employ this method for softening the cervix. Most go to the medical methods of stripping the membranes or inducing labor with prostaglandins or pitocin.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sweet baby quilts from the Bairds

My mother in law Patsy, and sister in law Erin made baby "Lulu" some sweet adorable baby quilts that I love! Erin made the soft lavender and yellow baby blanket, and Patsy made the mint and pink blanket.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Terrible Terrible Massage experience!!

Today as I was running my errands I see a massage place that is having a grand opening here in Pleasant hill. So I thought, well I'll go check it out. It would be so nice to get a good massage, and I deserve it right? I AM 8 mos. preggers.. so I decide to go in and I am greeted by a young Asian woman who is assuring me that " We do wonderful pregnant massage good for mom and baby" I thought well I might as well try them and if I like it I can have a regular place to go every month. So She shows me to a room and closes the door. So like usual I get completely undressed and slip under the sheet on the massage table. (Of course my tummy is huge and I have to lay on my side during the massage) A lady walks in and greets me and points to my tummy and says " how long" So I tell her I am 8 months pregnant and she then pulls the sheet completely off my nude body and gets her oil. This I am not accustomed to during a massage. I instinctively put my arm across my bare chest and she starts rubbing oil on my back and grabs my arm that is covering my naked boobies and pulls it back over my head to where it was comfortable for her to massage while sitting on her stool. To make a long story a little shorter she hurts me the entire time because she uses her knuckles to grind on my bones.. NOT my muscles !! and gives me a full nude butt / side boob massage that wasn't wanted( who needs a side boob massage??). she taps me to lay on my back and as I am rolling onto my back I grab for the sheet to cover up while she massages my leg and foot. I think Finally my breasts are covered! but from the waist down I am not.. Finally She is done and leaves me to get dressed. I think to myself ..This lady is capable of walking in on me while I am trying to dress so I grab the sheet to cover up. So as I am trying to put my underwear and pants back on (quickly) and hold the sheet... She then walks right in and tries to hand me some water. I am obviously trying to get dressed and trying to cover up so I tell her to put the water down on the table and I'll drink it AFTER I am dressed, but she instead pulls the sheet from me and tries to help me zip up my pants!!!! While I am exposed on top!! I try to tell her No no I can do it ( I'm pregnant not a paraplegic!!) and finally she leaves me to dress. I hurry faster than someone in my condition should and go to open the door and it hits her. She is crouched by my door trying to look in the crack. Maybe for another peak? Maybe to make sure I didn't leave without tipping her? I don't know but THIS was one of the strangest experiences of my life!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Today I went into the beauty supply store to grab a few things I need, and my favorite worker was working today and I hadn't seen her in there for a while and as she was ringing me up she goes " Girl you are lookin r-e-a-d-y. Look at her face Delores don't her face look fat? Girl you so lucky you havin that baby soon. It's bound to get hot!" I smiled and told her I am feeling ready and can't wait to have her, thanked her for my things and walked out the door. Fat face huh? Who knew.. I guess when you look at yourself for 8 months it's harder to see the gradual change. I asked Adam if my face looked rounder, but (like he should) He said no not to him.

"A watched pot never boils"

I thought I never understood what people meant by "I'm so done being pregnant" and maybe I still don't in the same way. I guess to me me that meant that they weren't enjoying the experience anymore, but that's not how I feel. I still love being pregnant, I am just feeling so impatient! I will be 36 weeks this week and I keep thinking.. You never know maybe it will happen this week? AND I STILL HAVE 4 WEEKS LEFT!!!! I am too excited.. It's like when you are a kid and can't sleep because it's Christmas eve. I wake up at night thinking about her and I cannot go back to sleep for hours.. Every night. I have an appointment on Tuesday May 18th and they will check me for the first time. I don't expect to have dilated, but that would be cool if I am! Sorry to those of you who are reading this and thinking.. boring.. but It's all that's on my mind and I can't help but write it out. My grandmother always says " A watched pot never boils"

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My very first quilt

I am taking a quilting class and am down to the last two classes! I am not the best quilter but I really enjoyed making this one.. Still needs so much work but it's starting to come together..