Wednesday, August 20, 2014

14.5 weeks

I must document everything about this pregnancy before I forget. So If this stuff bores you, please skip this post. 
 I had very little symptoms with this pregnancy up until almost 7 weeks. Except for a bitter taste in my mouth (before I found out I was pregnant) restless legs at night (@ 3-4 weeks) Two baby dreams before I got my positive pregnancy test (both girls) Went in at 6 weeks and 3-4 days because I was alarmed due to the fact that I had no symptoms (which has always been an indication of miscarriage for me)
 In a healthy pregnancy I usually get sick around six weeks on the dot. and the sac was measuring at only 5 weeks, They questioned if my dates were right, and I am 100% sure they are. They didn't think the pregnancy was going well, nor would it progress. They scheduled me in for another ultrasound 1 week later to confirm miscarriage and I went back in feeling a bit more symptoms but the pessimist in me was not hopeful. This time the baby and sac were bigger, and there was a heartbeat!! but  They found that the Baby is measuring a bit small (like Piper did) and the sac did not look good. She told me that when this happens it usually indicates a chromosomal abnormality and the body often times rids itself of the baby. She also said that she has seen it go both ways, and I could continue to carry the baby with possible abnormalities or  with nothing wrong. She was not optimistic, nor was I. They had me go in for multiple blood tests, and my levels were rising properly. My first test was 990 and my second 14,500. My progesterone was low @ 12.5 and I have been on supplements ever since.  Again they wanted to see me 1 week later

In between the appointments We went on vacation to Crescent city for the 4th of July. I was in the throws of morning sickness, and suffering from low energy like expected, but while for a little less than 48 hours I actually felt great. It was so strange. This threw me into a depression, because I link feeling normal to loss of a baby. I was sure It was all over. We went home and I started feeling less well again, and I chalked it up to the progesterone I was currently on. Went in for my appointment Monday afternoon, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the baby was alive, and the sac had miraculously healed it's self . Everything looked normal! I was beyond grateful and thrilled and shocked and although I know I am not out of the woods I feel optimistic and excited to be bringing baby number three into our lives!

This pregnancy has been by far the mildest. I have had waves of morning sickness but only enough to throw up once at 12 weeks and 6 days. Mostly just a sea sick feeling. With the Other two I felt much worse. I have been tired off and on just the same as the girls. I feel like this time it has been less intense, With Chloe I was at a level 5-6 sick and Piper was about a level 6-7. This baby has been more of a 3-4 . 
 photo IMG_20140804_1_3FB_zpsa011f650.jpg

All about my 14th Week of Pregnancy :

How far along today: 14 weeks, 5 days
The baby is the size of a: An orange
The baby is working on:  This week's big developments: Your baby can now squint, frown, grimace, pee, and possibly suck her thumb! Thanks to brain impulses, her facial muscles are getting a workout as her tiny features form one expression after another. Her kidneys are producing urine, which he releases into the amniotic fluid around her — a process she'll keep up until birth. She can grasp, too, and if you're having an ultrasound now, you may even catch her sucking her thumb.
Gender: A BABY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maternity clothes: With Piper I only had 2 pairs of of maternity jeans, This time I got a little excited to wear maternity (and look cute!) and did a bunch of shopping for maternity clothes that aren't tents. I wanted to have some fitted dresses this time, and a friend of mine sent me a list of her favorite maternity shops on Etsy.. Needless to say I bought enough to last me through a few more pregnancies although I won't be pregnant that many more times. Right now I can still fit into my regular jeans.
Stretch marks: Nope.
Belly button in or out: In(ish)
Sleep: Insomnia at first, but now it's not too bad.. and NO heartburn with this pregnancy!! That's a first!
Best moments this week: I started to feel better yay!!
Worst moment this week: The combo of Flights/ No sleep and not feeling well. 
Movement: I cannot feel it yet, but I saw wiggling at my last appointment and I loved it!
Cravings: Potatoes, like the other two, Sugar aversions just like Piper.
Queasy or sick: Queasiness is still around I am still pretty finicky with what I think my stomach can handle at any given moment. I haven't done well with Veggies.. just like with Chloe.  I can barely handle the process of changing diapers right now.. We have put cloth diapering on a hold for now..
Looking forward to: Movement!! i feel so much more relaxed when I can feel the baby move. I also am looking forward to the nausea going away.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Chloe's 4 year old pictures

She's 4 now, and all I want to do is document her in picture form so I never forget the way she is now. My sweetheart little girl. Warning this will be picture overload..
 photo 1June2014060-_zps839f01be.jpg  photo 1June2014037-_zps84647c96.jpg
 photo 1June2014043-_zpsa93efb12.jpg

 photo 1June2014163-_zps9880808d.jpg  photo 1June2014039-_zps98ff2432.jpg
 photo 1June2014046-workinprogress_zps42a41030.jpg
 photo 1June2014058-_zpsa3cf5bfb.jpg  photo 1June2014062-_zps77e4d055.jpg  photo 1June2014066-_zps244ba5b9.jpg  photo 1June2014068-_zpsb57eb91b.jpg  photo 1June2014071-_zps6f7aaa29.jpg  photo 1June2014074-_zps06202216.jpg  photo 1June2014076-_zps3603fa83.jpg  photo 1June2014081-_zps61e0fb18.jpg  photo 1June2014082-_zps9cb1e87e.jpg  photo 1June2014089-_zps13ec9c08.jpg  photo 1June2014111-mattesummer_zpse5e1846c.jpg  photo 1June2014145-fb_zps54d342e5.jpg  photo 1June2014111-prarie_zps64425db0.jpg  photo 1June2014130-_zpsb58bb868.jpg  photo 1June2014140-_zps839988f4.jpg  photo 1June2014138-_zpsf6279d28.jpg  photo 1June2014145-_zps837ef3f4.jpg  photo 1June2014157-_zpsdc524bdb.jpg  photo 1June2014160-_zps3ee2607c.jpg  photo 1June2014153-_zps39de27bd.jpg  photo 1June2014156-_zpsd80b5f24.jpg  photo 1June2014165-_zps021e2144.jpg

Monday, August 4, 2014

She's 4!

A few months ago I asked miss Chloe what she wanted to do for her birthday, and all I could get out of her was that she wanted cake. So I probed her to get more information.. 
Do you want a Pink birthday, do you want a blue birthday party?, Ballet? Water party? I swear I named 15 things before I said how about a sunshine Party? Yes that was it! She wanted a yellow sunshine party. Then I asked her what kind of cake she wanted thinking she would say chocolate, but she said a minion cake! lol so I started preparing in advance and bought a bunch of Yellow, and sun themed things... only to find out that an almost- 4 -year- old's mind changes quickly, and she now wanted a Frozen party.. Well my dear you're stuck with yellow and there's no going back..
So I themed her party around a cute canvas I have with the commonly heard lyrics
 "You are my sunshine my only sunshine"

 photo 1June2014275-_zps3fef486c.jpg
 photo chlosyellow_zpsa4d184ce.jpg  photo IMAG0697_zpsa8b64579.jpg
 photo IMAG0703_zpse6b56351.jpg  photo IMAG0708_zps1e9428df.jpg  photo yellowstuff_zpsf7a11c63.jpg  photo yellow_zpsbcb5f0ae.jpg  photo 1June2014212_zps682a89b3.jpg

 photo yellowparty_zpsf077a01c.jpg

She also asked for sun burst cake pops, so I found an easy tutorial and made her some cookie pops.

 photo yellowfood_zps64f79375.jpg  photo yellows_zps5f472bc8.jpg  photo 1June2014278-_zpsf3930568.jpg

Thinking about her wish..

 photo 1June2014274-_zps58012fb9.jpg

Hope it was a good wish!

 photo 1June2014276-_zps5b6ee5fb.jpg

All Chloe really wanted (besides frozen dollies) was to have her friends come and play with her.

 photo June2014255_zpsc64c0d75.jpg

Grandma had the babies, That is exactly where she likes to be.

 photo June2014250_zps3bac7360.jpg
We had family, Friends from church, and preschool come and play in the kiddie pools, and water tables. We got a bag of water beads for textile play, and put them in one of the water tables for the kids. 
We had games, and a pinata.. which by the way was homemade, and the bane of my existence. It took Adam and I hours of labor.. Seems like an easy task right? 
Get a giant balloon.. Check
cut up news paper.. Check
make the paper mache mixture..Check
buy yellow crepe paper.. Check
have at it.. 
except the first one the wind picked up while it was drying, and it was all dented, and the balloon started to deflate.So off to buy another giant balloon and recover it with paper mache.
 photo June2014237_zpsa3b05cc4.jpg

 I was mad that I wasted so much time on the first one so I had Adam make the second. He took over as if this one will be the strongest best Pinata ever made because He was going to go all about it his way.. Well the same thing happened. We realized that the balloon was way to big to use to make a pinata. Before the thing had time to dry, the balloon would either expand (because of the heat) and crack, or it would deflate and cause huge dents. We decided it would have to do dented and all and we covered the darn thing with yellow crepe paper and filled it with yellow candy.

 photo June2014257_zps8f79e20a.jpg  photo June2014242_zpsa83589b3.jpg

 photo 1June2014287_zpsb033b5bb.jpg

I just can't believe that my little girl is four! She is her Daddy's sweetheart and her mommy's funny bunny. She is dramatic,
 a lover of all things sweet,
 a snack food junkie,
 a complete daddy's girl,
 lover of gum,
 movie watcher,
 stuffed animal lover,
She can spot interesting things miles off,
 remembers everything,
Sassy, and
Oh so sweet.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Fragile. easily broken or damaged. not strong or sturdy; delicate and vulnerable.