Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I recently took a photography class through Civic Arts, I had hoped to learn more about photography, but unfortunately it was a very basic class,and I only took away a small few bits of information that I didn't already know. One of which was about macro filters. I immediately went and bought one and headed to Heather Farms. 
 photo 1April2014055-_zps80652f84.jpg

 photo 1April2014051-_zpsfb794346.jpg
The rose Garden is in full bloom right now, so I took advantage of the still subjects (of which I am not used to) and took a few shots. 
 photo 1April2014053-_zps46071ac5.jpg

 photo 1April2014052-_zpsdb9dc902.jpg

Just kinda fun playing around with it :)! 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Lets get real

Piper Jane you are feeling much better this week. Unbeknownst to me your third tooth popped through. It was during the last bout of sickness and I hadn't even realized, until Grams saw it.You now have your middle two bottom teeth and a third to the right of them.You are much happier now that your ears feel better, and we all enjoy the better weather we are having. You also learned to crawl a few days ago. It took you forever, but I think you got it. 
 photo 1April2014006-web_zpsd7ee0cc8.jpg
These first two photos are the only ones you let me take before this happened...
You all of a sudden realized I wasn't holding you and you wanted me...
 photo 1April2014009-web_zpsff2728ed.jpg
 I have been wanting so badly to take some pictures of you lately. I want to capture you the way you are right now. Well lets get real. This is the way you are right now. I know it's a phase and it will pass, but It's real happenings. It's been hard... really hard. Anytime I put you down you cry.. and cry... and cry some more. You will point to me and cry Mama! You try sooo hard to get your point across to me that you want me.
Me. only me.
 photo 1April2014018-web_zpsea509002.jpg

 photo 1April2014017-web_zpsd42399cd.jpg
See the third tooth?
 photo 1April2014040-web_zpsab493877.jpg

 photo 1April2014041-web_zps0a08c10b.jpg
This is your baby tantrum...
 photo 1April2014042-web_zpsca07bc0d.jpg
Legs straight out and stiff. 
 photo 1April2014045-web_zps35fac3ce.jpg
Again with the pointing to tell me
  You!! I want you!!
It's so sad to see you so upset, but I kinda like sad baby pictures. Haha.
 photo 1April2014031-web_zps1a45151a.jpg
I have been thinking so much lately about death, and about losing the people who mean the most to me. I realize that I shouldn't live in fear, so I am going to try to stop. I am going to try to live in the moment, and enjoy where I am. Even if where I am isn't where I think I would like to be. I want to embrace now. This now. The now that I'm in with my sweet crying baby.
 photo 1April2014046-web_zps73507a54.jpg
I just want to remember the little things about now.
 photo 20x20Collage_4up_zps1da139c5.jpg
"we're so busy painting individual brush strokes, we don't know how to step back and look at the entire work of art we're creating."

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Chloë 3 and a half

Oh sweet miss Chloe. You have the most tender heart.You hate to see anyone in pain, and have a huge place in your heart for anyone who is hurting, or sad. If you find out that anyone you know is sick you ask about them all day. Recently Grams wasn't able to come over to see you because she had a bad headache. You made her a get well card, and asked to call her constantly to see if she was better. Your sister, Piper has had a bad ear and eye infection, and has been cutting a new tooth. You have been extra gentle with her and you speak so soft and sweet to, and about her. If someone is sad at the park you will walk over to them with a concerned look across your face, and ask them if they are alright.
 photo 1March2014139-richvintage_zps188242bb.jpg
You adore your daddy. You idolize him. You remind me so much of him. You both like to make people laugh. You tend to be the class clown, and you don't even know you are funny. You call daddy after school every day to tell him what letter you learned. You are so proud of yourself when you are the "Special Helper".
You have a "boyfriend" and you talk about him off and on through out the week. He is a cute blonde boy named Collin, who dresses preppy, has a messy styled pomade crew cut and I think you have good taste
 photo 1March2014110-pcbw_zps970b4514.jpg
You want to please us, and others, but you forget to so so when your best friends are around.
 photo 1March2014105-fb_zpsa3c9ea4b.jpg
Your best friends right now are your next door neighbors, and church-mates, Chloe 3.5 and Max 5. You ask at least ten times a day if you can go over and see them. We wish you could, but we try not to bother them too much.
 photo 1March2014102-pc_zpsb56c568d.jpg
As soon as you wake up you ask "mommy what are we doing today. You like to stay busy doing things out and about. As soon as I pick you up you want to go somewhere else.
 photo 1March2014055-pcbw_zps8bc3e8d8.jpg
You have taken 2 "semesters" of ballet, and you love it! You do pretty good in class for the first 20 minutes, and then you lose track of what you should be doing and get sidetracked. 
 photo 1March2014017-pollyanna_zpsc4ed8620.jpg
You sing "Twinkle twinkle" and say "Buu buu buu the world so high"
When you sing the ABC song you finish with "now my A-B-C-D-E next time won't you sing with me"
 You only watch the first 20 minutes of your movies now, and then you get side tracked. You LOVE frozen, and know every line of the songs. You sing " I can't control the PURSE!" or "go away Ana.. Okay WHY?"
 photo 1March2014006-lush_zpsfac7e767.jpg
You are very fiesty. You talk back all of the time. You are bossy, and have so much attitude.When you are put into time out you cry and cry that you don't want to be naughty.
 photo 1D71_7695-print_zps222a15bc.jpg
You have a cat obsession.
You have a chapstick obsession. You over use them, and it ends up on your lips and all around you lips
 photo 1D71_7704-print_zps529a8d5c.jpg
When you want something you will come tell me "Daddy says I can have... Or you tell daddy that Mommy says you can... We have to check with each other to see if this is true.. usually it's not.
 photo 1D71_7689-print_zpsac47d8f7.jpg
When you like something you say " I liked dat BIG BIG!" You also tell us you love us big big!
 photo 1D71_7651-peachprint_zpsb646c78a.jpg
You love mail! You think Grandma Baird is going to send you something every day, and you will walk to the mail box hoping something came for you every-single-day.
You are the most grateful little girl. When you get gifts you are SO thrilled! You hug the gift and tell us I love it I love it!!
 photo 1D71_7751-print_zps9cee8bc6.jpg
You love jumping off of things.
 photo 1D71_7895-_zpse53eddcc.jpg
One of your funny sayings is "right quick" like "I gotta go potty right quick."
 photo 1D71_7935-pcprint_zpsca32abc2.jpg
You are a stuffed animal kind of girl. You like to take the animal of the week with you wherever you go. You don't play with dolls, or barbies. 
 photo 1D71_7942print_zpsacbc6cfb.jpg
 photo 1D71_7940-bw1print_zpsdd5b7db4.jpg
Chloe, we love you big big! you are so sweet!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Piper Jane Month 9

Oh sweet Piper Jane, You have been sick lately with ear infections, colds, coughs, and runny noses. You are also sensitive to your immunizations. And have had a fever for a couple of days now.

 I remember when you were 8 weeks we took you to get your shots. You seemed fine until about two hours later.. We were sitting in Rubios, and all of a sudden you started not feeling well and you started crying. As I was gathering up our things to take you home your grandma went to the back of the restaurant with you to bounce and sooth you where there weren't people eating. I just about had our things gathered, and grandma comes back to the table to put you into your car seat. All of a sudden I hear an old lady (probably in her 90's) exclaim "shut that * baby up! We are trying to enjoy our meal"! I couldn't even believe it! Usually older women are so kind about young children and babies, but this one was not. I turned around and said "We are leaving right now, and she can't help it she just got her shots and doesn't feel well" The lady continued "well nether do I" and I retorted You must not have any children. You have the option to leave, and she is a helpless little baby. She mumbled a few more things to the effect of letting us know she wanted us out, and we left.
 That memory will forever be ingrained in my mind. I can still remember how I felt in that moment. I remember leaving and being so disturbed. I remember thinking of all of the things I should have said, but most of all I felt sorry that she had never had the joy of feeling the love and sympathy that having children gives you. photo 1D71_8746-natbluHaze.jpg
I digress.. back to the crazy that has been.. Lately you have been hard. You cry all of the time, and have big time mommy preference. Part of me loves that, and part of me needs to get something done without a pretty little lady sitting on my hip. Chloe had stranger danger, but you have never had it. Only a strong preference for me. If I put you down you scream. If I leave the room you scream. You never play on your own. It's really hard, but I really like that you like me so much. You find your comfort in me. We have a close bond, and always have.
 photo 1D71_8725-.jpg
  • You love to wave. You can do all types of wave.
  • You point at people in stores and stare at them until they come say hi to you.
  • You don't sleep well. 
  • You still wake up about 3 times a night and scream, then you usually put yourself back to sleep by finding your paci.
  • You love avocado now. You will eat big chunks of it.
  • You love to drink from straws, and sippy cups.
  •  photo 1D71_8715-naturalhaze.jpg

  • You can tell your sister off when she is bugging you. You tense up and scream at her.
  • You like to stand up and hold on to things.
  • You don't crawl, but somehow you get around a little.
  • You get your self stuck in down dog, and instead of just dropping down to get out, you panic and scream. until someone rescues you out of down dog.
  • You nap from 9-1030am then you nap again @ 1pm- 140pm
  • You go to sleep between 630-7pm for the night, and wake at 630-7am
  • You try to say Ginger, but it comes out just a two syllable sound "Gung Gung"
  • You love your face touched and kissed.

  •  photo 1D71_8735-pcfbweb.jpg

  • You love to pull hair, and grab faces, earrings,necklaces etc.
  • You dislike having your diaper changed, or to be dressed.
  • You dislike headbands,hats or anything on your head.

  •  photo 1D71_8697-rosycream.jpg

  • You have funny little feet. You are in a size 1 shoe.
  • You point your feet always. You look like a ballerina. 
  • You click your tongue,smack your lips and love clapping
  • You just started "kissing" which consists of opening your mouth while someone else goes in for a kiss.
  • The instant you wake up you scream/cry for someone to get you up... Now!
  • You haven't grown anymore hair. It's still strawberry blonde.

  •  photo 1D71_8722-classicbw.jpg

    We Loving having you in our family so much, and you fit in so well. You are a perfect addition to our home.