Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I recently took a photography class through Civic Arts, I had hoped to learn more about photography, but unfortunately it was a very basic class,and I only took away a small few bits of information that I didn't already know. One of which was about macro filters. I immediately went and bought one and headed to Heather Farms. 
 photo 1April2014055-_zps80652f84.jpg

 photo 1April2014051-_zpsfb794346.jpg
The rose Garden is in full bloom right now, so I took advantage of the still subjects (of which I am not used to) and took a few shots. 
 photo 1April2014053-_zps46071ac5.jpg

 photo 1April2014052-_zpsdb9dc902.jpg

Just kinda fun playing around with it :)! 

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