Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hide and seek

As I was going through my pictures from the Idaho trip I came across these adorable pictures of Chloe and her cousins playing hide and seek.
 Where'd they go?
 Rounding the corner
 Hey! Where'd they go?
I couldn't help myself I thought these were too cute!


What a wonderful fourth of July.
BBQ and family.
Learning to shoot a "girl gun".
Watching the cousins run around playing with each other.
Roasting weenies.
Finding dead squirrels.. and touching them..

Is it wrong that I love the upset look on her face?

 Before I could protest or even realize she had bent down to touch it.. the damage was done.

Why do I love so much that she was worried about this dead squirrel?
She didn't understand. She wanted to help him.
So sweet. 
 Chillin in the hammock with dad.

 I think Ender enjoyed the hammock more than anyone.

I adore this little girl.
 I realized something profound this fourth of July. Seems funny that I hadn't before.
The patriotic feeling I get when I see military men, The pride & respect
and allegiance I have for our country is the
same feeling I get when I feel the spirit.
 This was the first time Chloe went to the Parade.
 Last year it interfered with her nap.
She loved it and danced when
the high school band came by.

 Candy and glow necklaces= fun.
 C watched the fireworks from the street.. literally
I am so thankful for our country and those who fight for our freedom and safety.
I thought a lot about my brother Zachary today
Thank you for all you do.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Daddy 6.17.12

What little girl doesn't love her daddy right? Well this little girl is no exception. He is the most important person in her life, and it shows.

 These two are so silly. They just get each other.

 Before I had Chloe I was a bit worried that Adam wouldn't be the dad I hoped for him to be. That sounds so harsh, but I can honestly say I am so glad that this is not the case. He is the BEST dad. He loves our little daughter so much. He jumps at the oppertunity to take her places, and have one on one time with her. I so love that they both enjoy
spending time together. He lets her be her, and embraces her funny, silly little self. 

 These pictures were taken in Santa Cruise. My friend Darby and I went to get massages, while Adam and John took Chloe for a nature walk to check out the banana slugs.

In our opinion he is the very best Dad there is.

Happy Fathers day to my sweet husband and Father of my child. These little babies of ours are the luckiest of all to have you as their wonderful example.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I couldn't help putting these pictures up. This little girl has a serious sweet tooth. Every time I bake Chloe comes in and grabs her stool, and stands by my side waiting begging for me to give her a taste.
I oblige most of the time. This time I thought I would let her lick out the bowl..

 Helping my mom make my cupcakes for the party

I swear I give this little girl a bath 2-3 times a day on average!

If I let her she would solely eat sugar all day long.