Sunday, March 27, 2011

All of the beautiful ideas..

Adam and I have been here in the bay area for three + years, and there are times I feel stuck. We are still renting our house, and it's okay for now, but I would really love to buy! I want to decorate decorate decorate!! Adam doesnt think it makes since to really get into decorating a rental, but after three and a half years, I have decided it's time! I have SO many great ideas I can't decide what direction to go! So I start small..I just made a sink skirt for our laundry room.. I am now reupholstering all of our couch pillows such an easy thing to do!) but that alone really changes things up in the good ol'e livin' room Next?? homemade curtains!
 I am so excited!For the past hour I randomly just started browsing designer blogs for fun. And in that one hour I've filled up a new folder entitled "home-inspiration" with random pictures. It's crazy how much talent there is out there and how much stuff you can find in an hour.
Love this kitchen, but I am hoping to go with an "apple green" color theme. Anyway, just browsing for fun and for decorating inspiration. Any fun ideas you love??

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

When you're bald...

 My sweet little Chloe, you are bald.. yep not much going on on the top of your head.. Keep waitin, but you only have about 2 inches of hair. On the bright side of a sad stylist moms view, I am going crazy making you headbands and clips to accessorize your do.. or lack there of. I should have you modeling these headbands, but seeing that you have been asleep since seven and I am still up at nine thirty making MORE, I suppose a quick picture of what I have made you tonight will do, sadly minus that adorable model bald head of yours. Oh and by the way you have your first two new little teeth trying to pop in Yay! Or so I hear.. Uh Oh..