Sunday, March 27, 2011

All of the beautiful ideas..

Adam and I have been here in the bay area for three + years, and there are times I feel stuck. We are still renting our house, and it's okay for now, but I would really love to buy! I want to decorate decorate decorate!! Adam doesnt think it makes since to really get into decorating a rental, but after three and a half years, I have decided it's time! I have SO many great ideas I can't decide what direction to go! So I start small..I just made a sink skirt for our laundry room.. I am now reupholstering all of our couch pillows such an easy thing to do!) but that alone really changes things up in the good ol'e livin' room Next?? homemade curtains!
 I am so excited!For the past hour I randomly just started browsing designer blogs for fun. And in that one hour I've filled up a new folder entitled "home-inspiration" with random pictures. It's crazy how much talent there is out there and how much stuff you can find in an hour.
Love this kitchen, but I am hoping to go with an "apple green" color theme. Anyway, just browsing for fun and for decorating inspiration. Any fun ideas you love??

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