Monday, April 18, 2016

Oh Nella 15 months

 photo 1D71_7492-_zpsle6grofm.jpg 
 photo 1D71_7480-_zpsyqdtvqef.jpg  photo 1D71_7507-_zpsq7eajurr.jpg  photo 1D71_7511-_zpsk6sfoyif.jpg
Oh sweet Nella.. or Poppy, or Popples, or Nella P, or baby P, or Nells, Nelsie, Nelshida, PooNellaPEE, or on accident.. Quite often we call you Piper lol
 photo 1D71_7030-_zpsmdoigrqk.jpg 
You are now almost 15 months old. You are 16lbs, and love to crawl all over the place. You prefer to not be confined. You like to stand up in the shopping cart. You have just this week decided you need to taste everything anyone is eating. You squawk and yell something that sounds like "Dat iwan Dat!" until someone gives you a bite. You just started to swallow a little bit of your food. You love smoothies, and water. You can sign "more" You have started to tantrum. You will swat at someone when they are bothering you. You shake your head no when you don't want something. 
 photo 1D71_7015-crop_zpsnoemoulu.jpg 
That lip!!
 photo 1D71_7026-_zpsmkdwur8p.jpg 
You hate hats, and hair clips, and headbands. You have 10 teeth 8 are already out and two almost all of the way out.
 photo 1D71_7011-_zpsxo6j9owy.jpg
   Aaaaand if you didn't get enough Nella.. here is the same picture upclose. lol I really do love her, and can't help myself!
 photo 1D71_7015-cropmore_zpspq7n8kz3.jpg
You go to sleep between 715-745pm and wake up between 6-7am. You nap between 12-2 
 photo 1D71_7470-_zpswotdeb7p.jpg
Love that smirk. She is my angel!!!! I want to bite her all over!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Easter Baird Style

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Easter morning outside of church
Easter this year was really fun! The girls attended 3 great hunts, and loved every second of the candy, and play. 
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Below is Pipes and her little friend Evey hunting
 photo 1D71_7202-_zpsljhwk1bq.jpg  photo 1D71_7198-_zpsp3gzfaow.jpg

She ruined her little easter bunny shoes, but she looked adorable doing it!

 photo 1D71_7217-_zpsbauwzcsm.jpg 
Poor girl.. Hate when grass gets stuck in your mouth, while trying to eat candy off of the ground :l
 photo 1D71_7234-_zpsy8jepwnz.jpg
This next shot is my favorite. Such a funny face.
 photo 1D71_7209-_zpszvzcvzlt.jpg
Our adopted Grandma Joanie set up the most adorable Easter hunt for a few of the girls in Chloe's class, and envited us to join. She had everything set up so perfectly. We first ate lunch and then played with playdough, and then went out for the hunt. The girls loved every minute of it.

 photo 1D71_7056-matte_zps74pbpqsq.jpg
I just love this picture of the three of them. It's getting a bit easier to take pictures of all of the, becasue Piper is cooperating better now.. for pictures that is.
 photo 1D71_7187-_zpsg0u5hxs2.jpg  photo 1D71_7183-_zpse65rckel.jpg 
I was really very proud of Piper at the Hunt. She behaved so well, and was super excited to be hunting for eggs. She didn't even stop to find out what was in the eggs. She just kept hunting, and when she found out that there were prizes in her eggs.. she was so serious about keeping this fun going for as long as possible.
 photo 1D71_7181-_zpspfp1ommg.jpg 
Penelope was really great too. It was her nap time, but she wasn't grumpy at all. She enjoyed checking out all of the gorgeous gardens, and flowers while the older girls hunted.
 photo 1D71_7163-_zpsrjfmysxl.jpg  photo 1D71_7172-_zpsit2him1b.jpg  photo 1D71_7158-_zpsewo5idgm.jpg  photo 1D71_7138-_zpsee4lpqmn.jpg  photo 1D71_7120-_zpsoidjaipo.jpg  photo 1D71_7111-_zpsljv7l1dv.jpg  photo 1D71_7106-_zpsfqqax5xi.jpg  photo 1D71_7107-_zpsgo7c1kc5.jpg  photo 1D71_7116-_zpsygqcaqts.jpg  photo 1D71_7104-_zpsmkjhxnlv.jpg  photo 1D71_7098-_zpss8unuizc.jpg  photo 1D71_7093-_zpsj4dzu3of.jpg 
Whatever plant this is I NEED it. It is so pretty, and Joanie told me what it was and I of course forgot. Aren't they beautiful?!
 photo 1D71_7088-_zpsofqkgikm.jpg  photo 1D71_7078-_zpsqqauqtjo.jpg  photo 1D71_7089-_zpsu4nwzfyk.jpg  photo 1D71_7091-_zpsa5k9fqdf.jpg  photo 1D71_7072-_zpsfaphzilh.jpg  photo 1D71_7068-_zpsxi1zgfhc.jpg
My mom set up an easter egg hunt with dyed eggs for the girls in our back yard. They loved that they could actually eat the eggs, and wanted them all cracked for an egg feast right away..
 photo 1D71_7276_zpsu2svjbgr.jpg  photo 1D71_7266-_zps6x2wxqql.jpg  photo 1D71_7270-_zpsjmzphtm6.jpg  photo 1D71_7279-_zpsxcsieymu.jpg  photo 1D71_7267-_zpszu5rt6e6.jpg 
In this next picture I got this quick picture of Pipes opening her Easter basket. They got a several toys, and a ring pop.. guess what they liked the most??
 photo 1D71_7240-_zps9lzvpwz9.jpg