Monday, April 18, 2016

Oh Nella 15 months

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Oh sweet Nella.. or Poppy, or Popples, or Nella P, or baby P, or Nells, Nelsie, Nelshida, PooNellaPEE, or on accident.. Quite often we call you Piper lol
 photo 1D71_7030-_zpsmdoigrqk.jpg 
You are now almost 15 months old. You are 16lbs, and love to crawl all over the place. You prefer to not be confined. You like to stand up in the shopping cart. You have just this week decided you need to taste everything anyone is eating. You squawk and yell something that sounds like "Dat iwan Dat!" until someone gives you a bite. You just started to swallow a little bit of your food. You love smoothies, and water. You can sign "more" You have started to tantrum. You will swat at someone when they are bothering you. You shake your head no when you don't want something. 
 photo 1D71_7015-crop_zpsnoemoulu.jpg 
That lip!!
 photo 1D71_7026-_zpsmkdwur8p.jpg 
You hate hats, and hair clips, and headbands. You have 10 teeth 8 are already out and two almost all of the way out.
 photo 1D71_7011-_zpsxo6j9owy.jpg
   Aaaaand if you didn't get enough Nella.. here is the same picture upclose. lol I really do love her, and can't help myself!
 photo 1D71_7015-cropmore_zpspq7n8kz3.jpg
You go to sleep between 715-745pm and wake up between 6-7am. You nap between 12-2 
 photo 1D71_7470-_zpswotdeb7p.jpg
Love that smirk. She is my angel!!!! I want to bite her all over!

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