Monday, November 30, 2015

Piper Jane 2.5

Oh my little Piper fireball. You are as smart as they come! You are also as crazy, and feisty as they come too! You have a temper that spits venom.
 photo 1D71_3329-_zps3iu3j1oh.jpg
 You can be THE cutest thing, you like to recall stories in full detail, and tell us with a huge smile on your face what happened, while using your hands, facial expressions, and body to express your self. You thirst for knowledge, and pick things up super quick!

 photo 1D71_3333-_zps7akd6ymc.jpg  photo 1D71_3336-_zpsckxcqm6h.jpg  photo 1D71_3305-_zpspetkdgxi.jpg

Your tantrums are out of this world. You get mad at the drop of a hat, and will not give up. You instantly throw things, and look to find someone/thing to take your frustration out on. You have a huge vocabulary, but in those moments have a hard time expressing yourself verbally. You still can't say your S's R's or L's without a lisp. It's very cute.

You still look nothing like your father or I. We used to think that you looked like Grandpa Baird as a baby. but now perhaps like your dad's Aunt Charlotte ( Grandpa Baird's sister). You have very blonde hair with only a teeny tint of peach in it. You have light freckles across your nose.

You want to do everything by your self " I do it my THELF!!" is commonly heard around these parts.

You like to do everything Chloe does, and you think you are five also. You run around and follow her every time her friends are over, and Chloe hates this. You get frustrated and angry that they won't include you in things. You think Chloe's friends are yours.

You are not nice to the dog, You are doing so great with your potty training. For the last two months you have had about an accident every other day, but now you can go through the night and day and stay dry. You will not go unless it's your idea.

You have a jealous streak. You despise being confined, and everyone gets to hear about it. You hate the car seat. You won't ever sit for dinner no matter what we do. You are a snacker, and like to eat while you run around. You are so very hard to tame, but you need to know your boundaries.

You are hot then you're cold. You can turn on a dime.. proof below. These pictures were taken 3 seconds apart. You just decided that you didn't want to do what you were told, and you were done. Just like that. You are super difficult to take picture of.
 photo 1madpiper_zpslkxslzg7.jpg
You love to climb and Jump.

You love yogurt time with daddy

You stomp everywhere you go. You are rarely quiet.

You are liked by everyone. Your teachers in church, your MMO teachers, kids.. everyone!

You know many many songs, and sing all of the time. You can hear a song once and recall most of the words and tune.

You can climb into your crib, but not out.. yet. Yay!

You are susceptible to stomach bugs, and have a weak stomach when it comes to being sick. You are pretty good at knowing that you should throw up in the bowl have little accidents.

You and Chloe fight over everything. A song comes on the radio and you will claim it as yours and yours alone. So much screaming and fighting over this kind of stuff. "I want the biggest one" can be heard numerous times in our house.

You open candy in stores and think whatever is there is for you to eat. You are so sneaky. So sneaky. Sometimes  a lot of the time it makes me laugh that you think I don't see you. I have to pretend that I'm not happy with you, when really it's so blatant and funny that I want to laugh at how funny it was.

We love you so much, and you surely keep us on our toes!