Monday, October 20, 2014

Crescent City

This summer for the 4th of July we took a trip up to the very tip of California to a city that I used to live in as a child, called Crescent City. It was just like I remembered it being. Gorgeous. Really it's so beautiful. It's the part of California where the Ocean meets the Redwoods. I wish I had felt better, and taken more pictures, but I was in the throws of morning sickness, and with the extremely low energy I just couldn't muster the desire. 

We went to the parade, where Miss Social (aka Chloe) met a little boy named Hunter while at the parade. They both enjoyed helping eachother other stash their candies, and jump up and down screaming "over here" for the people in the parade to throw them candy. We hung out with my sousin and her family who lives out there, and had a bbq.We watched the fireworks right on the beach. It was lovely. 
 photo July2014040_zpsf36c879f.jpg

 photo July2014051_zps40fa063e.jpg

I love the picture below of Chloe fishing out candy from her cheek. Lol

 photo July2014061_zps0066985d.jpg 
 photo July2014064_zps7e8b7000.jpg 

We took several trips to the beach. Our hotel was right on the beach, so it was easy to get there. Piper and I napped while everyone else hiked the cliffs and explored the tide pools. 

 photo 1July2014760-_zps620a16f9.jpg  photo 1July2014289-_zpsfdb74aaa.jpg  photo 1July2014266-_zpsd370a339.jpg  photo 1July2014262-bw_zps827bb164.jpg  photo 1July2014260-_zpsf562fceb.jpg  photo chloecrescent_zps4dbb4317.jpg  photo July2014220_zpscf309008.jpg  photo July2014206_zps9f32de27.jpg Ginger got to run and play the whole week. She had this smile on her face most of the time!
 photo July2014181_zps23168557.jpg
Chloe and her daddy spent a lot time climbing and exploring the tide pools. They would flip rocks over to find starfish and dozens of crabs. Ginger found a crab too...with the end of her nose. Poor girl had a cut snout most of the time, but she still wanted to chase and bite at them. photo July2014150_zpsf63e1aef.jpg
Jebadiah Smith State Redwood Park is adjacent to Crescent City. When we entered the park Adam said that he thought of a name if we ever have a son. Return of the Jedi (the ewok parts) was filmed in JSFRP. The redwood and fern forest felt ancient and was so beautiful to hike through.  photo 1July2014144-_zpsc34863a1.jpg
At the mouth of the Smith River there were a bunch of cool things that washed up on shore, and Chloe went exploring.

 photo 1July2014141-_zpsc7500a54.jpg  photo 1July2014136-_zps7c7465a7.jpg  photo 1July2014133-_zpsa2c83271.jpg  photo 1July2014129-_zps5890d895.jpg  photo 1July2014127-_zps1c76c7c4.jpg  photo 1July2014123-_zpscf25ed03.jpg  photo 1July2014108-_zpsf872f4a8.jpg
 photo 1July2014088-BW_zps6a8a78c7.jpg

 photo 1July2014092-_zpsd7913ff6.jpg
July in Crescent City is cool and overcast, but it was perfect weather to run and play on the beach. Here's Chlo-girl out to find a shell to put her flower in.
 photo 1July2014074-_zps221ae58e.jpg  photo 1July2014069-_zps54422326.jpg  photo 1July2014067-_zpsf99e636d.jpg

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Daisy- The meaning of the name Daisy is Daisy Flower. The origin of the name Daisy is American

Lucy- The meaning of the name Lucy is Light. The origin of the name Lucy is English

Amelia or Emilia- (we would call her Emma, Emmie, or millie) The meaning of the name Amelia is To Strive Or Excel Or Rival. The origin of the name Amelia is Latin

Lillie- Pure

Eva- (pronounced with a soft E) The meaning of the name Eva is Giver Of Life The origin of the name Eva is Hebrew

Lulu- (most likely what we would call her if we named her Lucy) The meaning of the name Lulu is Famous WarriorThe origin of the name Lulu is English

Emma- The meaning of the name Emma is Universal. The origin of the name Emma is Latin

Poppy- The meaning of the name Poppy is From The Flower. The origin of the name Poppy is Latin a form of Penelope 

Sophie- wisdom, wise

Alice- The meaning of the name Alice is Of A Noble Kin. The origin of the name Alice is English

Mae (middle name) 

Click here for the list I had for Piper. I have a few that I may add to the list the riper I get...