Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Yesterday I turned 26.. 26!! I can't believe it. Adam let me sleep in an extra hour.. He took Chloe when she woke and I got a wonderful hour more of sleep!We went to the park, then My friend Jessica and I worked on making Chloe's Halloween costume (she is going to be a flower) Then when Adam came home he took Chloe and I out to Lark Creek for a birthday dinner. Chloe wasn't having any of it. As soon as we got there she started screaming uncontrollably and Adam nor I could help her calm down. I felt pretty stressed out with a packed restaurant filled with people trying to have a nice dinner. And here we are with a sreaming baby in a nice place. So Adam and I took turns taking her outside while the other one ate. It wasn't exactly what I had hoped for my birthday but adam promised me a do-over this weekend! Oh and Adam got me an i-touch gum and bath salts!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yucky vitamins!

Man I LOVE this kid ! She makes me laugh every day, and today she laughed for the first time REALLY HARD. She is really starting to be fun! I will have to post a video of her sweet baby laughs! This video is of her taking her vitamins, which she hates unless I mix it with milk in a bottle. Did I mention I LOVE HER??

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stranger Danger!

We missed Adam so badly and couldn't wait to come home and see him. When Adam picked us up from the airport he went to hold his little girl and... She got stranger danger! She was so upset she didn't know this man who was holding her! She squealed! and it was hard for us to calm her down. I felt so badly for them both. Chloe didn't have that long of a memory and Adam wanted her to miss him and be happy to see him. I wondered how long it would take her to remember or at least get used to him. Then this morning daddy did his usual made up songs with her and she fell instantly back in love! She now adores her daddy again.. Phew! We don't ever want to be away from him that long again it was too intense for us. We love you adam!

A Busy September

I promised myself that I would do better at this blogging thing. I find it hard to type with only one hand, but am getting used to doing most everything with only one.. I guess thats being a mommy. I try to get on and check e- mail/facebook/blog while nursing Chloe. So please excuse my misspelled words and lack of puncuation. I need to get better at using my left hand so I don't become lopsided lol! September has been packed with travel, family and lots of memories so I'm sorry if this is a long post but I can't pass up the opertunity.

Chloe and I left home on September 1st to see my dad in texas. We had such a great time. My dad and I went fishing, Chloe got to hang out with her Nana and Gigi and we got to experience Canton.

After visiting my Dad's side Chloe and I traveled to see my mom's side of the family. We spent 2 weeks with them and enjoyed lots of game nights, great food and wonderful conversations..

Chloe got her ears pierced!!!