Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Concrete slide

 photo D71_0704-_zps4d03f7b3.jpg
Took the girls to Berkeley to the concrete slide at Codornices park.
You walk up these pretty rock steps that lead you to the concrete
slide that is built into the side of a hill.
 You slide down on a piece of cardboard.
 photo D71_0712_zps86f2cb06.jpg

 photo D71_0614_zpsf519f942.jpg

 photo D71_0682_zpsab9ebd89.jpg
Snuck in a few shots of her tossing and playing with a stick... silly little girlie.
 photo D71_0670-2_zps0b59d0af.jpg

 photo D71_0667-2_zpsf0b0fed4.jpg

 photo D71_0661-2_zps9249398d.jpg
This picture was cute. This is her dancing silly face.
 photo D71_0639_zps319ff060.jpg
Practicing how to be a lady..
I constantly remind her that we cross our legs, and to pull her skirt/dresses down
 photo D71_0657-2_zps48b95083.jpg
Most of these pictures are out of focus.. I took my camera out of manual and into Aperture setting and they all came out blurry. I think I needed a higher shutter speed.. Anyhoo lesson learned.
 photo D71_0549_zpsf9aa0935.jpg

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Piper Jane month 4

 photo D71_0339-_zps9cc1a2b5.jpg
  • Still as tiny as ever and still under 13lbs
  • You can grasp at things you are given
  • You put everything in your mouth
  • You drool.. a lot
  • You love being outdoors. 
  • You are very curious and want to take everything in.
  • You are doing better in the car seat.
  • You still haven't grown any hair.

 photo D71_0343-_zps9e8399e8.jpg

  • You are very interested in watching people eat, and your mouth tries to mimic the movement
  • You like Ginger
  • You are an early riser.. too early.
  • You still eat about every 2.5 hours
  • You wake up to eat three times a night you do no more than 4 hr stretches. 
  • You are still in the bassinet in our room. 
  •  photo D71_0344-_zpsf983f62e.jpg

  • You are learning to "talk".  You now babble, coos and gurgle to yourself all the time. 
  •                                                                      You even lets out an odd shriek of joy here and there.

  • You are SO sweet and smiley.
  • You are still swaddled to sleep.

    • We are about to move you into your crib in the room with Chloe.. I am nervous..
      I am about to start some real sleep training to get you down to two feedings a night.
      We are so sleep  deprived.

      Hittin them up

      We have decided to try a few different pumpkin patches this year because.. Why not?
      Last Wednesday, after ballet I took the girls to one that had a petting zoo.

       photo D71_0411-_zps4a638de2.jpg
      Chloe is really good with animals. She tried to be so soft with them. 
      This little guy was squirmy, and she was trying to hold on to him, without 
      squeezing to tight!
       photo D71_0409-_zps3ab80d82.jpg
      They had pigs,but they kept eating ripping her boots, so we didn't spend much time with them.
       photo D71_0408-_zpsf002e1f6.jpg

       photo D71_0389-_zps4d2f42ae.jpg
      Chloe's favorite thing there? The popcorn. lol
       photo D71_0391-_zpsf7716550.jpg
       photo D71_0399-_zps167f050f.jpg
      Not too tight Chlo!
       photo D71_0417-_zpsbea8431a.jpg
      I can't help but giggle at her little outfit. She looks part farmer in her overalls.
      Of course she had to wear her Halloween tights.  

       photo D71_0444-_zps85acc3f1.jpg
       photo D71_0443-_zpsf8305f10.jpg

      Tuesday, October 8, 2013


       photo DSC_4776-_zpscc8e7a3c.jpg
      Little Piper, you are such the little teeny tiney.
      Everyone that meets you says you look just like a doll.
       photo DSC_4761-_zpsfd8a7441.jpg
      Your Uncle Zachary sent a picture of "you" that made me laugh.
      "I found Piper" lol
       photo Photo370_zps34d6e25b.jpg

      Strangers all over tell me that they thought you were a doll!
      I'm not sure if it's your porcelain skin, or perhaps how still you are when I carry you around?
       photo DSC_4760-warmcolorpop-_zps3802b653.jpg 
      Your big sister calls you pipes and loves to bathe you and soap you up.
      Chloe loves you and loves to talk to you in a sing song voice.
       photo DSC_4736-_zps7cba8e59.jpg
      You get all smiley and do a little wiggle dance anytime we smile or talk fancy to you.
       photo DSC_4722-_zps524b1fef.jpg
      For my 29th Adam got me a new camera, and I'm soooooooooooo excited to take pictures
      with it! I can't wait! I think I am going to take some photography classes soon.
       photo DSC_4703-_zps66efb81c.jpg

       photo DSC_4700-_zpsb4a7abe3.jpg 

      Tuesday, October 1, 2013

      My girls

       photo DSC_4942-bampw_zpsca7f1f4a.jpg
      Rarely do I get pictures with my girls,
       and if  I do it's me being silly and trying to get my girls to laugh
       while Adam accidentally gets me in the shot.
       I never put those pictures up because, well for obvious reasons.
       but someone once told me that they wish that they had pictures 
      of themselves with their mother. 
      That they wish they had those memories captured.
       Makes sense.
       photo DSC_4938-_zps68371eb5.jpg
      Got me thinking. 
      I don't have any pictures of me and my mother when I was really little.
      I Wish I did. 
      I would cherish them.
       And so I make effort.
      for them.
       photo DSC_4914-_zpsa7af329c.jpg
      They are why I love photography. 
      Why I desire so much to learn.
      I want to be better.
       Able to to really capture them as they really are.
       photo DSC_4881-_zps84ba1246.jpg
      Doesn't help that I don't have many pictures of myself as a baby/child. 
      I tend to over take of mine. Well there is no such thing as overtake in my mind.
       photo DSC_4871-_zps71d86d9d.jpg
      Love this face to death!
       photo DSC_4848-_zpsc38d5e3f.jpg
      Could she be any cuter?
       photo DSC_4824-cleanBampW_zps763d7b4d.jpg
      Love these little ladies