Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My girls

 photo DSC_4942-bampw_zpsca7f1f4a.jpg
Rarely do I get pictures with my girls,
 and if  I do it's me being silly and trying to get my girls to laugh
 while Adam accidentally gets me in the shot.
 I never put those pictures up because, well for obvious reasons.
 but someone once told me that they wish that they had pictures 
of themselves with their mother. 
That they wish they had those memories captured.
 Makes sense.
 photo DSC_4938-_zps68371eb5.jpg
Got me thinking. 
I don't have any pictures of me and my mother when I was really little.
I Wish I did. 
I would cherish them.
 And so I make effort.
for them.
 photo DSC_4914-_zpsa7af329c.jpg
They are why I love photography. 
Why I desire so much to learn.
I want to be better.
 Able to to really capture them as they really are.
 photo DSC_4881-_zps84ba1246.jpg
Doesn't help that I don't have many pictures of myself as a baby/child. 
I tend to over take of mine. Well there is no such thing as overtake in my mind.
 photo DSC_4871-_zps71d86d9d.jpg
Love this face to death!
 photo DSC_4848-_zpsc38d5e3f.jpg
Could she be any cuter?
 photo DSC_4824-cleanBampW_zps763d7b4d.jpg
Love these little ladies

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