Tuesday, October 8, 2013


 photo DSC_4776-_zpscc8e7a3c.jpg
Little Piper, you are such the little teeny tiney.
Everyone that meets you says you look just like a doll.
 photo DSC_4761-_zpsfd8a7441.jpg
Your Uncle Zachary sent a picture of "you" that made me laugh.
"I found Piper" lol
 photo Photo370_zps34d6e25b.jpg

Strangers all over tell me that they thought you were a doll!
I'm not sure if it's your porcelain skin, or perhaps how still you are when I carry you around?
 photo DSC_4760-warmcolorpop-_zps3802b653.jpg 
Your big sister calls you pipes and loves to bathe you and soap you up.
Chloe loves you and loves to talk to you in a sing song voice.
 photo DSC_4736-_zps7cba8e59.jpg
You get all smiley and do a little wiggle dance anytime we smile or talk fancy to you.
 photo DSC_4722-_zps524b1fef.jpg
For my 29th Adam got me a new camera, and I'm soooooooooooo excited to take pictures
with it! I can't wait! I think I am going to take some photography classes soon.
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  1. Your family is so beautiful! You are such a talented photographer already Leah! It will be interesting to see what level this photography class will take you. I still need to show you the gallery wall I made of our family photos from last year. My next post I will show our updated living room and put in a pic of that so you can see.

  2. These pictures are so good!! I love how your documenting your sweet girls so well, so fun to look at and read your blog! <3

  3. These are some of the best smiling pictures I've seen of Piper! The girls look awesome together!