Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hittin them up

We have decided to try a few different pumpkin patches this year because.. Why not?
Last Wednesday, after ballet I took the girls to one that had a petting zoo.

 photo D71_0411-_zps4a638de2.jpg
Chloe is really good with animals. She tried to be so soft with them. 
This little guy was squirmy, and she was trying to hold on to him, without 
squeezing to tight!
 photo D71_0409-_zps3ab80d82.jpg
They had pigs,but they kept eating ripping her boots, so we didn't spend much time with them.
 photo D71_0408-_zpsf002e1f6.jpg

 photo D71_0389-_zps4d2f42ae.jpg
Chloe's favorite thing there? The popcorn. lol
 photo D71_0391-_zpsf7716550.jpg
 photo D71_0399-_zps167f050f.jpg
Not too tight Chlo!
 photo D71_0417-_zpsbea8431a.jpg
I can't help but giggle at her little outfit. She looks part farmer in her overalls.
Of course she had to wear her Halloween tights.  

 photo D71_0444-_zps85acc3f1.jpg
 photo D71_0443-_zpsf8305f10.jpg

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