Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Piper Jane month 4

 photo D71_0339-_zps9cc1a2b5.jpg
  • Still as tiny as ever and still under 13lbs
  • You can grasp at things you are given
  • You put everything in your mouth
  • You drool.. a lot
  • You love being outdoors. 
  • You are very curious and want to take everything in.
  • You are doing better in the car seat.
  • You still haven't grown any hair.

 photo D71_0343-_zps9e8399e8.jpg

  • You are very interested in watching people eat, and your mouth tries to mimic the movement
  • You like Ginger
  • You are an early riser.. too early.
  • You still eat about every 2.5 hours
  • You wake up to eat three times a night you do no more than 4 hr stretches. 
  • You are still in the bassinet in our room. 
  •  photo D71_0344-_zpsf983f62e.jpg

  • You are learning to "talk".  You now babble, coos and gurgle to yourself all the time. 
  •                                                                      You even lets out an odd shriek of joy here and there.

  • You are SO sweet and smiley.
  • You are still swaddled to sleep.

    • We are about to move you into your crib in the room with Chloe.. I am nervous..
      I am about to start some real sleep training to get you down to two feedings a night.
      We are so sleep  deprived.

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      1. Sweet little baby doll! Are you guys still looking at houses?