Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Concrete slide

 photo D71_0704-_zps4d03f7b3.jpg
Took the girls to Berkeley to the concrete slide at Codornices park.
You walk up these pretty rock steps that lead you to the concrete
slide that is built into the side of a hill.
 You slide down on a piece of cardboard.
 photo D71_0712_zps86f2cb06.jpg

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 photo D71_0682_zpsab9ebd89.jpg
Snuck in a few shots of her tossing and playing with a stick... silly little girlie.
 photo D71_0670-2_zps0b59d0af.jpg

 photo D71_0667-2_zpsf0b0fed4.jpg

 photo D71_0661-2_zps9249398d.jpg
This picture was cute. This is her dancing silly face.
 photo D71_0639_zps319ff060.jpg
Practicing how to be a lady..
I constantly remind her that we cross our legs, and to pull her skirt/dresses down
 photo D71_0657-2_zps48b95083.jpg
Most of these pictures are out of focus.. I took my camera out of manual and into Aperture setting and they all came out blurry. I think I needed a higher shutter speed.. Anyhoo lesson learned.
 photo D71_0549_zpsf9aa0935.jpg

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