Sunday, June 27, 2010

The birth of little miss Chloë

Wednesday June 9th I went into the Dr.s office and they stripped my membranes in hope to start labor on my own. Later that night while I lay in bed I felt slightly stronger contractions than I had been feeling but didn't get my hopes up. At two thirty in the morning as I was laying in bed coming down off a contraction I felt a pop. I immediately got up and went to the bathroom to check and sure enough my water had broken. So I woke everyone up, called the Dr and jumped in the shower. We arrived at the hospital around 345 am and in that one hour my contractions had become very strong.  They were back to back and pretty intense. A few hours of natural labor and I was through. They called in the anesthesiologist and I got my epidural. Wow what a relief! I could actually enjoy the experience I felt great.. for a couple of hours anyway. As my contractions got stronger I started to feel that the epidural was only working on my right side. So they called in the anaesthesiologist and attempted another epidural to remedy the problem. It took the same way and I could feel everything on my left side so they just turned up the epidural, which I had a bad reaction to. I couldn't stop shaking and crying and I felt totally paralyzed from the waist down. Finally I convinced them to turn it way down and that I would rather feel the pain than be paralyzed. They checked me and I was finally at a 9 1/2 at around 4pm. So they got the Dr and got the room ready.. but my best friend Audrey was supposed to be in from Utah but her flight was late so she hadn't made it yet she was 20 minutes away! My Dr agreed to wait for her and when she finally arrived I pushed twice and Chloe was born. They laid her on my chest and she was all wet and warm. I fell in love with her instantly! I couldn't believe that she had dark hair. Where did that come from? They let me hold her for a long time while I was being stitched up and then they took her and weighed her and measured her. She was 6lbs. 12 oz and 18 inches long. After months of debate on her middle name (Adam wanted to name her Lulu) he decided I deserved (having been through 14 hrs of labor) to name her what I wanted which was to honnor my mother Renee. He knew how much my mother means to me and how much love I have for her .We named her Chloe Renee Baird.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Looks like an induction

So it looks like little Chloe baby is going to be born this Friday June 11th. My doctor is planning to start my induction Thursday evening. My Dr has been sending me  to the lab and drawing my blood each week to monitor my platelets because they have been low. They keep getting lower each draw, and they want to put me on a steroid and get them back up by using an oral medication (prednisone) which makes your platelet count higher. Well it only works while you are taking it and would drop if discontinued so they want to go ahead and induce me while on it to insure a high count. I was really bummed at the news of losing my choice to have a "natural" labor. I am only dilated to a 1 and my cervix is still high. I know my body isn't quite ready for labor and I worry that forcing it to do something it doesn't want to will cause complications. So I go home from the appointment worried. I voice my feelings to Adam at lunch. My sweet husband is now worried and is on the Internet doing research calling the doctor back and asking questions and calling friends who could give us medical advice as to how serious this would be if we waited another week. After praying, and thinking about what little options we feel we have, we have come to terms with the induction and have decided to be positive that things will go well for us and we are so excited that little Chloe will be here in 2 DAYS!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

To induce or not to induce..

First I guess I should say I am leaning toward not having Chloe induced. I was hoping to get stories or opinions from those who have had inductions. I went in for a Dr. appointment this morning and my Dr informed me that he will be out of town the week I'm due. He suggested we induce early (the weekend of the 12th) and told me I have the choice to induce or take the risk of an on call Dr. if I were to go into labor during that week. At first I thought about it and kinda considered it. I was excited at the thought that I could see my baby 5 days sooner than my due date and I am soooo ready to meet this little girl I can hardly stand it!! BUT I have read so many books and watched a few documentaries on child birth and I have heard all about pitocin and the issues it can cause. So i think I'll just take my chances with the on call Dr. (if thats the way it goes) and go into labor naturally. Any suggestions?