Thursday, February 28, 2013

Playing in the rain

Chloe in the rain
Back in January Adam and I went to visit some friends in Southern California.
 While we were there it rained. I was out shopping and Adam had Chloe for the morning.
 They picked oranges in the back yard and played in the rain.
Chloe in the rain

Chloe in the rain
Chloe loves puddles.. and we have had a hard time keeping her clean and dry any time it rains.
Adam let her get wet and have fun and took some cute pictures of her.Chloe in the rain

Sharing her orange with Daddy.Chloe in the rain

Thursday, February 21, 2013


I swear this is the year of the boy. Just about everyone I know that is pregnant is having a boy. It was the same when I had Chloe. It's been so fun making baby boy things for my friends.
I have found some great inspiration off Pinterest. 

All boy bike minky baby blanket,

Chevron Car seat canopy.

Diaper bags

Little man bow tie onesies.

"Surfer dude" car seat canopy. 

Oh and I finally made a second car seat canopy for little Miss. I love it!
Now on to more baby bows!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

27 weeks

For my own record

How far along? 27 weeks...Next week= 3rd trimester!!

How big is baby? According to -- baby girl is the size of a week 27: Rutabaga
Average size: 13.6-14.8 inches, 1.5-2.2 lb.

Weight gain? yep.. not telling.. Nursing will help me take it off.

Maternity clothes?  Yes. I can wear both my normal and maternity.

Stretchmarks? No.

Sleep? As of right now not too bad. Although I fight leg cramps often and miss sleeping on my stomach.

Best moment this week?  The moments when I feel grateful for what we have. Miss Chloe, a new baby on the way. A loving dedicated husband who loves his girl and takes great care of us, Adam's wonderful job. My husband is so helpful to us girls, my mother, sister, and grandmother.

Movement? Certain times of the day. After seven at night and when I'm resting. She is getting stronger this week than ever. She has been laying sideways for the past few days, and when she stretches out I feel her feet in my left side. Hiccups started around 24 weeks and have persisted. She gets them often and just like her older sister was she is not a fan. Her hiccups are a little more subtle than Chloe's were. Everything movement wise seems a little less jarring with this one.

Food cravings? I have liked dairy this pregnancy. No aversions this time. My first tri I wasn't too into sugar, but now I only wish I weren't.

Gender? Little miss. I couldn't be more elated!

Labor signs?  Lots of Braxton Hicks...lots.. Nothing real yet.

Belly button in or out? Totally out. No linea negra yet but my belly button skin seems darker.

What I miss? Nothing, but I'm sure I'll feel different in two months!

What I am looking forward to?  Excited. Ready to get everything cleaned/prepped. I look forward to getting a bigger home, and decorating this baby's room. Nursing her. Seeing what she looks like!

Water intake?  I could always do better. I never drink enough. I hate spending so much time looking for a bathroom.

Weekly Wisdom? You have so much to be thankful for.

What happened this week? We made an offer on a home and didn't get it. I bought way too much furniture. We completely reorganized the girls room. I had to take the glucose test... I really don't like that. Organized baby clothes. Still potty training Chloe.. She is doing SO well!!! I even forgot to bring an extra change of clothes for her when we went shopping for a few hours yesterday.. She stayed dry! She is starting to know when she needs to poop and has begun to tell me first. So we rush her to the potty to try.

I seriously love being pregnant. I feel so productive making a human! lol. I think I'm a pretty easy going pregnant lady. I feel happy. I can't wait to meet her!
We think we have narrowed down her name to three options.. Piper, Daisy, or Lucy. I may wait until I see her to really decide what she looks like. We have always loved Jane as a middle name, but still are pulling from my original old list and haven't made any solid decisions.  Wanna see my belly at 27 weeks last time?
My sweet grandma 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chloe and Grandma

While Adam and I went on our trip, Miss Chloe had a blast with Grandma for a week. She went to "Pixie Land" with Aunt Sarah and Grandma. She went to the Jungle, play places, parks, had lots of treats that I don't give her I'm sure.. When we came back her new phrase was "Mommy need the bubblegum" to say the least she was spoiled rotten. She loves her grandma and her "Saya" 
I feel so blessed to have them here living near us now, it makes a huge difference in Chloe's life to have the extra love. When Chloe was a small baby I remember wondering how I was going to give her enough love with it being just Adam and I with no other family around. I am so thrilled that new baby girl will have the extra love from them from day one. 
I can only imagine that whoever took this picture must have asked her to say "Cheese" lol
I am so lucky that I could leave and have the assurance that she was in the best hands possible.
She was safe and loved and I could relax and enjoy our getaway.

Training Week

Potty training week went pretty well. I felt a little constricted at times, but the girl is doing great! 
Day one- Not one accident!!! (this was a fluke)
Day two- 5-6 accidents (of both kinds)
Day three- 3 accidents (#1)
Day four- 2 accidents (both)
Day five- 1 accident(#2)
Day six- 1 accident(#2)
Day seven- 2 accidents (both)
Really she's been pretty amazing overall. No pee pee accidents for a couple of days in a row there. 
We got a "potty chart" for Chloe to put stickers on. When she fills the row she gets a special reward.
She loves to put the stickers up on the chart and loves the attention she gets
for being a good girl. I set a timer that goes off every 20 minutes so i remember how long it's been.
There has been only one problem so far. She is now getting tired of going to the potty and
will get on and say "all done" before even trying,and jump off. I can't get her to get back on at that point. 
I can't force her to potty, and fighting her to get back on and try won't work.
Moms have you had this problem? What do I do?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Potty training week

This week is the week. Chloe is ready, and so are we. She has been so good about going on the big potty, but we have yet to get rid of her diapers, and really move on to panties. I am going to do this though. I have heard that you should put them in panties set them on the potty every 20 minutes and not go anywhere for a few days while training.. So we are going to try. We have been using candy rewards, and loads of cheers to help her with the experience. If anyone has some great advice from their own experience please feel free to let me know!
Yes she is in a Halloween glow in the dark PJ shirt.. I hate just about anything with faces, words etc, but she LOVES these pajamas and I can't break her of them. She asks for them every night. So I allow to wear them and she thinks they are the best.

Long Beach Hair show 2013

Last weekend I drove down to LA to so to the hair show. I have been doing hair now for 9 years and have never been to one! That's crazy.
So I called up my friend Darby and asked if she wanted to go with.
We had a great time. There was so much to see that we didn't get through the entire thing.
We are thinking of making it an annual thing.
There was so much hair candy there. Darby got some makeup, yummy sugar scrubs, and mineral makeup. I got ear piercing stuff, earrings,makeup, Gel nail supplies, and a bunch of samples.
They did cuts and styling education, but we never had the time to sit and watch an entire presentation. There was too much to see.
I couldn't believe that this guy could do this cut. He could shave just about anything into someones head. Pretty impressive Eh? Now don't start calling me up asking for me to do this. I have Zero talent in buzz designs.