Sunday, February 10, 2013

Training Week

Potty training week went pretty well. I felt a little constricted at times, but the girl is doing great! 
Day one- Not one accident!!! (this was a fluke)
Day two- 5-6 accidents (of both kinds)
Day three- 3 accidents (#1)
Day four- 2 accidents (both)
Day five- 1 accident(#2)
Day six- 1 accident(#2)
Day seven- 2 accidents (both)
Really she's been pretty amazing overall. No pee pee accidents for a couple of days in a row there. 
We got a "potty chart" for Chloe to put stickers on. When she fills the row she gets a special reward.
She loves to put the stickers up on the chart and loves the attention she gets
for being a good girl. I set a timer that goes off every 20 minutes so i remember how long it's been.
There has been only one problem so far. She is now getting tired of going to the potty and
will get on and say "all done" before even trying,and jump off. I can't get her to get back on at that point. 
I can't force her to potty, and fighting her to get back on and try won't work.
Moms have you had this problem? What do I do?

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