Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chloe and Grandma

While Adam and I went on our trip, Miss Chloe had a blast with Grandma for a week. She went to "Pixie Land" with Aunt Sarah and Grandma. She went to the Jungle, play places, parks, had lots of treats that I don't give her I'm sure.. When we came back her new phrase was "Mommy need the bubblegum" to say the least she was spoiled rotten. She loves her grandma and her "Saya" 
I feel so blessed to have them here living near us now, it makes a huge difference in Chloe's life to have the extra love. When Chloe was a small baby I remember wondering how I was going to give her enough love with it being just Adam and I with no other family around. I am so thrilled that new baby girl will have the extra love from them from day one. 
I can only imagine that whoever took this picture must have asked her to say "Cheese" lol
I am so lucky that I could leave and have the assurance that she was in the best hands possible.
She was safe and loved and I could relax and enjoy our getaway.

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