Monday, February 18, 2013

27 weeks

For my own record

How far along? 27 weeks...Next week= 3rd trimester!!

How big is baby? According to -- baby girl is the size of a week 27: Rutabaga
Average size: 13.6-14.8 inches, 1.5-2.2 lb.

Weight gain? yep.. not telling.. Nursing will help me take it off.

Maternity clothes?  Yes. I can wear both my normal and maternity.

Stretchmarks? No.

Sleep? As of right now not too bad. Although I fight leg cramps often and miss sleeping on my stomach.

Best moment this week?  The moments when I feel grateful for what we have. Miss Chloe, a new baby on the way. A loving dedicated husband who loves his girl and takes great care of us, Adam's wonderful job. My husband is so helpful to us girls, my mother, sister, and grandmother.

Movement? Certain times of the day. After seven at night and when I'm resting. She is getting stronger this week than ever. She has been laying sideways for the past few days, and when she stretches out I feel her feet in my left side. Hiccups started around 24 weeks and have persisted. She gets them often and just like her older sister was she is not a fan. Her hiccups are a little more subtle than Chloe's were. Everything movement wise seems a little less jarring with this one.

Food cravings? I have liked dairy this pregnancy. No aversions this time. My first tri I wasn't too into sugar, but now I only wish I weren't.

Gender? Little miss. I couldn't be more elated!

Labor signs?  Lots of Braxton Hicks...lots.. Nothing real yet.

Belly button in or out? Totally out. No linea negra yet but my belly button skin seems darker.

What I miss? Nothing, but I'm sure I'll feel different in two months!

What I am looking forward to?  Excited. Ready to get everything cleaned/prepped. I look forward to getting a bigger home, and decorating this baby's room. Nursing her. Seeing what she looks like!

Water intake?  I could always do better. I never drink enough. I hate spending so much time looking for a bathroom.

Weekly Wisdom? You have so much to be thankful for.

What happened this week? We made an offer on a home and didn't get it. I bought way too much furniture. We completely reorganized the girls room. I had to take the glucose test... I really don't like that. Organized baby clothes. Still potty training Chloe.. She is doing SO well!!! I even forgot to bring an extra change of clothes for her when we went shopping for a few hours yesterday.. She stayed dry! She is starting to know when she needs to poop and has begun to tell me first. So we rush her to the potty to try.

I seriously love being pregnant. I feel so productive making a human! lol. I think I'm a pretty easy going pregnant lady. I feel happy. I can't wait to meet her!
We think we have narrowed down her name to three options.. Piper, Daisy, or Lucy. I may wait until I see her to really decide what she looks like. We have always loved Jane as a middle name, but still are pulling from my original old list and haven't made any solid decisions.  Wanna see my belly at 27 weeks last time?
My sweet grandma 

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  1. Great to see everything is going so well! I am sorry about the house. :( Any planned bow making nights yet? :) Would love to catch up again soon!