Friday, January 27, 2012


The face of a tantrum.. We are seeing this a lot more often these days..

The poor thing just can't quite get me to understand what she wants.

Look at those tears! When she cries she cries big. At this age there is no reasoning with her. I just have to simply walk away and wait for it to be over.

And soon enough she is back to being my little *angel *
Fellow moms- Any advise on tantrums?

Monday, January 23, 2012

DIY gone wrong

Ever try a "do it yourself project" and fail miserably? This happens a lot to me. I saw a do it yourself baby shoes tutorial on Pinterest, (which I am addicted to) and thought I would give them a try. They looked easy enough, but they took four hours of sewing and seam ripping just to be done and realize I wouldn't let Chloe out in public wearing these things... Now it's just a matter of proving to myself that I can do this right.. I am going to attempt to make another pair tonight. We will see! Here is my failed attempt at a "shoe" if you would call this that.. Update: here are my second and third attempts. Note to self- leather is so hard to work with..

2nd attempt
the shoe alone

With a rosette and strap.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


A few months ago all of the boys in Adam's family took a "man trip" to the BYU vs. Ole Miss game in Mississippi for a long weekend trip. So all of the girls thought it would only be fair for us to have a long weekend girls trip while no one was nursing and before anyone got pregnant again. So we planned it out and decided on a cruise! We went to the Bahamas together.. Kinda doesn't seem equal right? Oh well we deserved it!

Two of my sister in law(s) (sisters in law?) Kali, Kami, and I outside of their Hotel before we caught a shuttle to the pier.

On the ship as we are about to set sail in Miami. The weather was beautiful it couldn't have been more perfect.

My roomie and I, Kali (pronounced Kaylee not that anyone ever got it right)

 On Coco Cay beach. Soft white sand and thousands of cushy lounge chairs and hammocks. They had a huge BBQ out on the beach that we went to.

Also Kayaks, and an obstacle course in the water like the kind on wipe out. We decided if our husbands were there we would have tried that out. Maybe next time.

Out in front of our ship. On Nassau the water was the most beautiful shades of aqua. The weather was perfect and the sun was out. It was beautiful!!

I took this picture of Atlantis (the arch was built for Michael Jackson and now rents out for 25,000 a night!)

Tiger wood's house or was it Oprah's?? There were Lots of gorgeous homes occupied by famous people.

Waiting for our excursion to the Dolphin Island..

The dolphin Island where I like to pretend I'm off Baywatch..
My Baywatch impersonation.. I need a life preserver in hand.

We got to see the original flipper!

The dolphins were so cool! Very intelligent sweet animals....and not bad kissers either! They didn't feel like I thought they would. They are plastic like and not slimy like fish.

Check out that water! and it was the perfect tempurature.

Miami beach

 South beach, Miami. We had the time of our lives. Thank you husbands for taking care of our babies so that we could relax and have a blast!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vintage swimwear

I adore vintage-style one-pieces, except that they are always expensive. Why is that? It’s not that much extra fabric… but, I digress. I wanted a classic style but with a modern fit. I decided to go for it. Yes, I am a beginner sewer, and can't follow a pattern. So I winged it! I figured that it's worth a try and if I fail I only lost 20$ and lets face it I love a good project.. So I ordered swimwear fabric online (the stuff in stores is blah) Here are my attempts at a swimsuit..

It was a fun project and I got to wear them in the bahamas!


We had a wonderful Christmas this year. We drove to Idaho two days before Christmas to be with Adam's family for the holidays. Chloe enjoyed playing with the Christmas decorations and her cousins. James and Chloe loved to play with Grandma Baird's "untouchable Christmas decor"..

Chloe's favorite part of Christmas? They candy! Grandma Baird opening up her Santa skittles.

Chloe got this cute bus that teaches 123's and ABC's when you drop the balls into the top, but her favorite thing was taking the balls and throwing them down the stairs.

Chloe LOVED the "touchable Christmas decorations" She would run over to them every morning and push the play button and watch them dance and sing.

 Some adorable clothes for Chloe this year.. Gap had the BEST selection of girl clothes! Grandma B got her the cutest white dress in the picture below. Thanks Grandma B!

We kept trying to get the babies not to touch the decorations, but since it was at their level they couldn't help themselves, this is a picture of us telling them "don't touch" This is the face Chloe makes when she knows she shouldn't do something.

We found out that our daughter is a huge fan of chairs her size. Grandma had them around the house for the little kids and she would climb up in every one of them and just sit there.

 We didn't take many pictures of New years, but it was a blast! We stayed up late playing games. My cousin that just got married a couple of days prior (Christopher and Kierstin) came down and celebrated with us.

                                    Holidays are such a joy when you have children we are so blessed :)