Wednesday, January 18, 2012


We had a wonderful Christmas this year. We drove to Idaho two days before Christmas to be with Adam's family for the holidays. Chloe enjoyed playing with the Christmas decorations and her cousins. James and Chloe loved to play with Grandma Baird's "untouchable Christmas decor"..

Chloe's favorite part of Christmas? They candy! Grandma Baird opening up her Santa skittles.

Chloe got this cute bus that teaches 123's and ABC's when you drop the balls into the top, but her favorite thing was taking the balls and throwing them down the stairs.

Chloe LOVED the "touchable Christmas decorations" She would run over to them every morning and push the play button and watch them dance and sing.

 Some adorable clothes for Chloe this year.. Gap had the BEST selection of girl clothes! Grandma B got her the cutest white dress in the picture below. Thanks Grandma B!

We kept trying to get the babies not to touch the decorations, but since it was at their level they couldn't help themselves, this is a picture of us telling them "don't touch" This is the face Chloe makes when she knows she shouldn't do something.

We found out that our daughter is a huge fan of chairs her size. Grandma had them around the house for the little kids and she would climb up in every one of them and just sit there.

 We didn't take many pictures of New years, but it was a blast! We stayed up late playing games. My cousin that just got married a couple of days prior (Christopher and Kierstin) came down and celebrated with us.

                                    Holidays are such a joy when you have children we are so blessed :)

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