Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I am feeling so grateful right now so I figured I should write this down. I have been having a small case of  baby hunger after our huge trip away from our little girl. While on our trip it seemed every baby that passed us was adorable, and I would get that "I want a puppy" mentality. I missed My baby. She was in such good hands with my mom that I didn't have to worry about her. She enjoyed a fun filled time with Grandma. BUT I missed her so much. Since our trip that feeling has calmed a little (thank goodness since we aren't planning the next baby just yet) I have this feeling of complete joy when I am with her. I would trade a lifetime of vacations for my home life and our family. It is All that matters to me now.

I tend to get all sentimental and soft this time of year anyway, but a little more this year. This is Chloë's second Christmas. Last year she was only 6 months old and of course didn't participate much in the festivities. This year we all get to enjoy her soaking it all in. I can't wait to see her opening her gifts and enjoying all of her wonderful family and delicious treats.

Chloë enjoyed our outing to hunt for the perfect tree. As usual Chloë is in her own little world and enjoying her freedom to run up and down the isles and would only stop to let people give her attention. I wonder where she gets that from (Daddy)

The girl caught the attention of a lady who was kind enough to ask us if we want a family picture taken.

Daddy showing the girl all about how to pick the perfect tree

The girl loves to run away from us and wait for us to come find her. This is a problem.. she wants to walk all by herself and not hold mommy's hand.. She will dart the opposite direction you are walking and make you run after her.

These two were always meant to be together. I really believe that Chloë chose her daddy before she came down to earth. She knew she wanted this daddy. Her little spirit just knew. They are so close.
I really feel like it was divine intervention for Adam and I to get together. Adam and I are very compatible, but I still look back and wonder how in the world we got together. God's plan is all knowing.

This was terrifying to the kid. She just flipped! The cute Elfs were trying to calm her,(thanks Liz!) but to no avail. Poor baby! Here is a link to last Christmas's video of Little Miss Chloe

I hope you are all enjoying the season! Mery Christmas!


  1. Cute post!!! my kids are afraid of Santa. Only last year Malachi didn't need encauragement. Well, I wouldn't like it either if my mom put me on some dude's lap, whether it's Santa or not.

  2. very fun.... can't believe Christmas is over already. Love the family shot - you look fab! And so sweet about Chloe and her Daddy.... time for a boy for you! :))