Sunday, June 28, 2015

Penelope Mae month 5

 photo 1June 2015 073-print warmer_zpsiklm0y7o.jpg
  • You bite your bottom lip
  • got your ears pierced at 4.5 months
  • you sleep 1-2 hour nap in the morning and a 2-4 hour nap in the afternoons
  • you fall asleep at 630-7 and wake at 6-630 in the mornings. You sleep through the night and don't wake once. Never have!
  • You don't eat by mouth still. We give you a bottle 1-2 times a day but you are not interested, and bite down on the nipple. You only swallow because you have to.
  • You are THE sweetest little person I have ever known. You are calm, and quiet most of the time.
  • You will play in your bassinet quietly while you wait for me to wake up.. sometimes an hour or longer!
  • You love tv
  •  photo 1June 2015 066-warmer_zps22eevmb5.jpg
  • You usually only cry when you are tired. and really it's just a small fuss
  •  you vomit and dry heave 1-3 times a day
  • You are pretty good about keeping your ng tube in, but sometimes play with it, and pull it.
  • You are not very active, and your muscles are little weak, so you tire easily
  • you love kisses, and don't mind me kissing you all over all of the time
  • you will sit patiently while i take care of dinner,your sisters, really anything.
  • you have physical therapy,occupational therapy, and a developmental specialist come to the house each once a week to help you.
  • you run hot, and sweat often,
  • Still as tiny as ever only 10lbs
  • You can grasp at things you are given
  • You had so much hair, but it started falling out in clumps, so I buzzed it (yikes!) and now it looks so much better, and looks like it just grew in that way.
  • You are still in the bassinet in our room, and will be in with us for a long time.
  • You are petite, and have the cuuuutest baby body!
  • You have a coo laugh, but have only made that sound when you like mommy tickles or raspberries,
  • You are predictable. I know exactly what calms you, and what you need. 
  • You love routine.
  • All I have to do to put you to sleep is cradle hold you facing in and pat your bum for less than a minute. You protest yell just a bit (which means you are ready and tired) Then I lay you down, on your tummy and you are calm, and fall asleep within minutes.
 photo 1June 2015 064-warmer_zps4v2wbe5p.jpg

What can I say? You are the perfect baby for me! I couldn't have picked out a better baby in the entire world! I mean that! We love you and can't wait to see you grow! (thank you Michelle for the dress I love that they all get to wear it!) Thank you also, Ashley for the floor drop! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Chloe turns 5!

 photo DSC_0674_zps022b5ecd.jpg Where did my tiny little Chloe go? Five years has gone by. You are heading off to Kindergarten, and I am so excited for you! You will have a great time learning, and expecially being social.  photo 1PicMonkey Collage-_zpsiq29nso4.jpg  photo 1June 2015 006-_zpsdfhrpyxo.jpg We just celebrated Chloe's 5th birthday with a rainbow party. She was so excited for her friends to come, and very excited for.. drum roll please.. Cake. Yup cake tends to be the highlight of her birthday party experiences.  photo 1PicMonkey Collage_zpse8b8cfld.jpg  photo 1June 2015 056-_zpskagwmr1g.jpg

We did a low key party this year with minimal food, and we just let the kiddos run around play in the pool and have a good time.
 photo 1June 2015 044-_zpsypndj792.jpg
 photo 1June 2015 098-_zpsyiggtu7r.jpg  photo 1June 2015 065-_zpsfyd39xnl.jpg  photo 1June 2015 017-_zpszkphqscf.jpg

 photo 244_zpsmltpi8y4.jpg

 photo 238_zps0y3zaute.jpg  photo 1June 2015 046-_zpsetulfcsv.jpg  photo 1PicMonkey Collagel_zpsstc4zuzu.jpg  photo 246_zpsdnipal2q.jpg  photo 12PicMonkey Collage_zpsu3vaj6ju.jpg  photo 245_zpsxrgjcc1v.jpg

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Chloe almost 5

 photo 1March 2015 058--_zps9hldw9w5.jpg

My darling Chloe renee, You are such a sweet big sister to your baby. You try to help her, and sing to her all of the time. you like to hold her, and be right near her face to give hugs, and kisses. Chloe, like always you love your daddy more than anyone in this world. You and him have a strong bond. You were meant to be. Daddy got a new scooter, and takes you on rides all of the time. He even got you a motorcycle helmet to wear so that you are safe! You love your daddy time.

 photo 1March 2015 055--_zps8is0tjnr.jpg

Chloe you are such a girly girl. You will now only wear dresses, and skirts. You go to preschool Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9-12, and in the morning we have our routines. We eat breakfast, do your hair and pick out your clothes. I let you decide what to wear, and it is always dresses or skirts with boots :) 

 photo 1March 2015 052--_zpsxn7wrl3z.jpg

You love "treasures" and jewels. You will agree to go to the store with me just so you can find "treasures" (ie junk on the ground) like tags from clothes, stickers, beads from craft stores. You are a bit of a clepto .. horder collector. You sleep with mounds of junk  Toys, treasures, stuffed bags, stuffed lunch boxes full of things.  You like all things rainbow, and pink. You are very interested in lotions, perfumes, makeup, and hand sanitizer. To the point of obsession.

 photo 1March 2015 050--_zpskyvqosil.jpg

You have always loved flowers. This is just your thing! Just about every day you will come in from playing, with a new flower/boquet for me, daddy, or grandma. I just yesterday had the idea to turn your love of flowers into art. I am going to take a picture of every gifted flower, or boquet you give me and put it into a collection on my computer, and print some on canvas for art around our house. 

 photo 1March 2015 048--_zpsm2tsebir.jpg

You still love your shows and movies. You stopped taking naps a few months ago, and have replaced them with quiet time. Which consists of shows and outside time. You still have a sugar obsession for sure. You remind me of the movie "Elf"

 photo 1March 2015 049--_zpsum6lrw4s.jpg photo 1March 2015 047--_zpsuj7ahrru.jpg photo 1March 2015 045--_zpsdvn7x72o.jpg

You and your sister fight all.of.the.time! and a lot of the time it's Piper that starts it.. but not always..

 photo 1March 2015 043--_zps8zft2pk6.jpg photo 1March 2015 021---_zpsmuyoshly.jpg photo 1March 2015 017--_zpslvgglp78.jpg photo 1March 2015 012--_zpsgapfsgnn.jpg photo 1March 2015 001--_zpsyseibgmp.jpg photo 1March 2015 021--_zpsslnflcdn.jpg
You are our sweetheart and we love you MUCH!


 photo 1May 2015 075-_zpsgvpvkfx3.jpg
Oh Piper Jane, you are now two years old! You are the fieriest little thing I know. You are smart beyond what I can express, and are such a handfull. You have been a bit difficult since about 18 months old. You personify the terrible twos. When you get mad (which is quite a lot) You spit, and throw whatever is laying around. You communicate very well for your age, but you still get very frustrated when you aren't understood. You know your ABC's and can count to 10. You do pretty well from 10-20, but we are still working on it. You know first and last names of people. You have an amazing memory. You recall things in story form. You love to talk, and right now you repeat your self over and over, until you are heard. You hate to be confined. You have great manners. You say Please and thank you. You have a lisp, and cannot say your S's or R's well.
 photo 1May 2015 035-_zpszyutxs9c.jpg

You love your Mama and Grandma, You enjoy reading books, and animal flash cards. You are mischevious, and love to be sneaky.  photo 1May 2015 071-edits_zpsnfmr8e8s.jpg photo 1May 2015 056-_zpsidj8uwwz.jpg

You don't realize that you aren't Chloe's age, and it frustrates you that you can't always do the things she does.  photo 1May 2015 049-_zpskvcarubu.jpg

You are very entertaining, even so much that you have been on Multiple tv shows like MTV, and Right this minute photo 1May 2015 064-_zpsbjjwxppo.jpg  photo 1May 2015 125-_zps9gnmcvlw.jpg  photo 1May 2015 091-_zpsmtm6bygw.jpg  photo 1May 2015 122-edit_zpsa4lrxpdn.jpg

 photo 1May 2015 129-_zpszj37stkb.jpg
 photo 1May 2015 021-_zpslmnsoyyw.jpg

You LOVE to talk, and can recall stories that happened a long time ago. You get very animated, and can't stop your hands from moving, because they help you tell your story.  photo 1dollfacepiper_zpsdwjstkzr.jpg  photo PicMonkey Collage6_zpshk7faaac.jpg

I love to watch you play. You love to get into things, and create mess.  photo PicMonkey Collage1_zpswts1tige.jpg

You like people, and will go to anyone.  photo PicMonkey Collage4_zpsfwb1rq98.jpg

You have never had stranger danger. You enjoy pushing people's buttons (kinda reminds me of dad)  photo PicMonkey Collage3_zpsiwphf9px.jpg

You are fond of your "Efalent" (elephant) stuffed animal, and you love "mingos" (flamingos)  photo PicMonkey Collage2_zpsc3q2k0se.jpg

You are incredibly smart and funny.  photo PicMonkey Collage5_zpstfkaefkj.jpg

We are so lucky that you are in our family.. Now hurry up and get through the terrible twos Quick!